Dear College Community  

My focus for this week’s Marist Star is purely on the success and importance of the recent 50th Anniversary celebrations. The weekend commenced with a beautiful Mass celebrated by all and led by Fr John Girdauskas. 

Also present, approximately 25 old scholars, CET staff and past staff. A morning tea for guests followed, along with student activities for the remainder of the day. The Battle of the Bands kept us all entertained at lunch time along with a delicious BBQ prepared by the SRC.

The Friday evening gathering at Communion Brewing Co. was a fun-filled night. Approximately 150 College staff and past students gathered to reminisce, reunite and rekindle old friendships. There was much laughter and friendship, even the old Marist war cry, “Oom Chic Boom” made an appearance. 

The Saturday Gala Open Day was a success with the highlights being the Art Show and Sip and Paint sessions for both children and adults. The recently refurbished Music room (band room) hammered out solos, bands and monologues all afternoon. Well done to our Music and Arts staff for preparing this amazing visual and performing arts festival. 

The final and more formal of all our celebrations, the Cocktail Function was held in the Marian Centre on Saturday evening. 

This was a spectacular event with speeches being delivered by the Principal, 1972 School Captains, Jean Lamont and Tony Freeman, and 2022 School Captains, Stella Roberts and Reuben Jaensch.  

A time capsule was sealed and packaged in a perspex prism to be opened at the College’s 100th Anniversary in 2072. I hope many of our current students can attend this one. Cool Train (Band – Sherry and Wayne Rand) provided wonderful entertainment for the evening, getting many up on the dance floor. Everyone had a fabulous time and commented on how important it was to be back at the College, catching up with old mates. 

Many thanks go to the MRC 50th Anniversary Committee for many months of hard work assisting with the concept, organisation and set up for the event. 

  • Susan Bracken – Archivist/Library Technician (who did an outstanding job in collating 50 years of memorabilia and displaying it so beautifully) 
  • Katrina Allen – Communications and Marketing Officer 
  • Emily Sass – Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching
  • Maree Collins – Parent and College Board Chair 
  • Liz Anderson – School Administration Officer 
  • Nathan Humphreys – Sound and Lighting   

Thanks to the many helpers on the night and in the lead up. 

  • Ground staff and cleaners 
  • VET Hospitality students, led by Jen Reeves and Marisa Licandro who served and provided food and refreshments for the Cocktail Function 
  • Andrew Turner and his team at Communion Brewing Co. 
  • Year 10 students who conducted tours 
  • SRC students who ran the BBQ lunch on Friday and Saturday 

It takes many hands to make a large event like this happen. It was very successful, and I thank all involved and those who attended our 50th Birthday. 

Why are these occasions so important to celebrate? 

It’s not just the reunion, catching up with friends and past acquaintances over many years, which is significant – although this is hugely an enjoyable experience. The conversations most apparent over the weekend reflected on the pride both old scholars and past staff had for their College. 

The sense of belonging to an educational institution is very important. The acknowledgement of how important Marist was in developing them as people, their values and character strengths. Most were clearly able to articulate the opportunities the College gave them to grow. The development of a unique culture, one they are extremely pleased to be associated with. A place where they are proud and confident to send their children knowing they will be nurtured and raised to become valuable members of society. 

It was my pleasure to be involved in literally hundreds of conversations over the 3-day festivities. It affirmed to me, the very course of action our College needs to continue to pursue. A sense of tradition cannot be underestimated. The traditions of House Spirit and competition was evident. The traditions of upholding high standards (including behaviour, academic, pastoral, cultural, sporting and spiritual), ensuring that every student has every opportunity given to them to grow as an individual, and for our young adolescents to show pride in their school, supporting their peers and colleagues, and actively promoting the College in the community. 

In my address on Saturday evening, I reiterated Marist Regional College over the past 50 years has remained the “school of choice” on the northwest coast. During our tenure at the College, it is the duty of the leadership and staff to ensure this remains our focus. 

The College looks forward to supporting future reunions and reconnections which may specifically target particular year levels. Once again, I congratulate all who were involved and connected with the 50th Anniversary, it was such fun. 

 A Subject Selection evening was held last week for students in Years 8-11. A steady stream of students and parents attended, and we hope the subject information booths have helped guide you and your child in selecting their preferred subject pathway for 2023. Our hope is that we can offer all the subjects intended, and your child is able to enrol in their first preferences. 

Congratulations to our Year 7/8 Boys Football Team who won the North West Grand Final last week against Penguin High. The boys won comfortably 123 – 21. They were gracious but very proud winners. Congratulations boys, and thanks to our staff, Damien Gale, Aaron Humphrey and Danny Haines. 

I wish you all an enjoyable second half of Term 3 and encourage you to keep in regular contact with your child’s teachers. Please don’t hesitate to seek clarification on any topic. 

Kindest regards 

Mr Noel Nethery 

Acting Principal 


MRC Board Membership 

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the College Board, please express your interest to: 

Jennine Williams 

PA to the Principal 

Tel: (03) 6432 7612