Vision and Mission


As members of a dynamic and innovative learning community, united by faith and enriched by diversity, we strive for excellence and to be: 

  • resilient and compassionate
  • inquiring, imaginative and creative
  • reflective, collaborative and self-directed learners
  • effective communicators
  • responsible contributors in a sustainable world, and
  • lifelong learners.


Marist Regional College is a welcoming community drawn from the north-west and west coasts of  Tasmania, committed to fully engaging young people in a broad secondary education, enlivened by Catholic ethos and in the Marist and Mercy traditions. 

As a Christian community with a common spirit, we are passionate about learning and celebrating the unique qualities and dignity of each member. 

We contribute actively to our ever changing society and seek the common good. We gain strength from Catholic social teaching and our motto “Love the Truth”. 


It is anticipated that all members of the school community will live by the school’s values in everyday life. The values are: 


All members strive to be a community, open and generous towards each other. 


To respect each person’s dignity and uniqueness, recognising that each person is created by God. 


To be open and honest in our dealings with one another, reflecting our motto; ‘Love the Truth’. 


To commit to supporting each other sensitively in times of need. 


To accept an obligation to work collaboratively to maintain a vibrant learning community, which is inclusive, encourages excellence and is safe and enjoyable.