Why MRC?

When your child graduates from Marist Regional College (MRC) at the end of Year 12 they will have been encouraged to be a confident, resilient, articulate problem-solver who is prepared to apply themselves to their chosen career.

At MRC we’re proud of all of our graduates who show compassion, a deep sense of social justice and a willingness to contribute to their community.

All of our staff members work together to share our values and guide your children so they go into the world as the best version of themselves.

Inclusive, caring environment

Our students are encouraged to pursue academic excellence and, equally importantly, to value and develop the personal qualities of hospitality, compassion, respect, justice and responsibility.

We aim to help each individual who works and studies here to confidently pursue their interests and express their true selves.

Caring staff, committed to encouraging excellence

Our staff have the skills, motivation, time and resources to get to know your child and what will work best for them. We employ people who instil a love of learning that your child will carry through into the rest of their life, using creative and innovative educational techniques.

Parents & Friends are an essential part of our college community

Our Parents & Friends work cooperatively to support the Marist Regional College community.

We’re fortunate to have a community of parents, friends, students and staff at the college who work together in a spirit of mutual goodwill to offer their time, skills and resources to help the College to meet its aims.

Fundraising isn’t the group’s central focus.

We welcome all parents and friends of the College to join the P&F and take part in our activities. You can learn more on our Parent’s & Friends page.