The Australian History and Geography competitions test students’ skills and knowledge against other students from all around Australia. These competitions benchmark how our students are going in key domains for each subject area and aim to encourage student interest in the subjects while rewarding student excellence and participation.  

We congratulate the many Marist students, across all year levels who chose to participate in these competitions in 2021 and will receive certificates of acknowledgment. It was terrific to have the data confirm that our students are on par with their participating peers across all domains. 

The MRC Australian Geography competition award winners for 2021 in Middle Years are: 

High Distinction: 

  • Rungsiman Mongkunnet (Year 7) 
  • Anastasia Smedley (Year 7) 


  • Oliver Pinner (Year 7) 
  • Thomas Vandenberg (Year 8) 

 The MRC Australian History competition award winners for 2021 in Middle Years are: 

 High Distinction: 

  • Amelia Haines (Year 7) 
  • Finley O’Malley (Year 7) 
  • Xander Power (Year 8) 
  • Thomas Pratt (Year 8) 
  • Cade Symons (Year 8) 


  • Alexandra Dow (Year 7) 
  • Alexander Luck (Year 7) 
  • Graci Malley (Year 7) 
  • Jamison Pilgrim (Year 7) 
  • Darriq Ramaish (Year 7) 
  • Millie Baker (Year 8)
  • Bowen Clemons (Year 8)
  • Heath Palmer (Year 8)
  • Iesa Roohullah (Year 8)
  • Liam Shelton (Year 8)   

Of mention, are three of our Year 9 students who have also achieved outstanding results. Penny Tassicker was awarded a High Distinction in both the Australian History Competition and the Australian Geography Competition, placing her in the top 1% in Australia. We also extend our congratulations to Zoe Van Es and Nicola Williams who were each awarded Distinction in the Australian History Competition.  

We look forward to, and encourage all students to get involved, and have a go, June 2022. 

 Ms Ann Roberts 

Acting Learning Area Leader – Humanities & LOTE