In today’s entrance hymn and readings, we have heard about Mary and how our founders were inspired by her way of life. What do we know about Mary? We know that she was not always front and centre. It is likely that she was not always the loudest, or the most opinionated. So, what then does it mean to be Marist – To be like Mary?

In the first hymn, we heard lines mention that in the beginning, Mary was called to:

  • Serve like Joseph
  • To teach and to love
  • To answer the call of Christ to stand with the poor

These fundamental principles were at the centre of Mary’s belief’s and guided her through her life, to serve the purpose she was called upon to do. Just like us as a Marist community. Mary is at the core of our spiritual culture. The Society of Mary took her name and vowed to continue her work in the world. The Mercy Sisters took their inspiration form Mary. Our whole history is founded on the values of truth, compassion, respect and hospitality along with striving each and every day to emulate Mary in our actions and words and be the models of Mary which our founders intended us to be. Mary is at the core of our spiritual culture.

Marys warm, loving and strong attitude is supplemented by her gentle and quiet nature as the Mother of Jesus. This says a lot about how one does not always need to receive gratification for their good deeds. Because more often than not, honesty and good work is done away from the spotlight and very rarely recognized in one’s life time.

Mary lived her life in the simplest way with grace and humility. Our world puts a premium on material wealth and we can become blinded by material pursuits, fancy cars, possessions and the latest gadgets. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying these things, it is important to remember that being obsessed with these things can distract us from the real value of life. To be a person who serves not only those around us but the greater good of this world.

“Have courage no matter what your crosses are,” these words from our first Hymn resonate profoundly in this present world we live in.  So, as we grow if we can take with us all only one thing then let it be Courage. The courage to be who we really are, the courage to live our lives like Mary and to let her actions guide us in our own spiritual journeys.