College Musical

4 June 2020, 1:35PM

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School musicals provide students with the opportunity to improve their personal performance skills as well as develop skills they can use throughout their lives. 

There have been numerous studies done, all over the world, that demonstrate that involvement in theatre helps to improve academic performance in other areas of study. And, while I think that’s important, I feel that there are many other factors and reasons for being involved in theatre and the performing arts in general. 

Theatre teaches people empathy – the ability to understand what a character (sometimes someone very different to your own personality) could be feeling is incredibly powerful in understanding our own feelings and thought processes. It also enables us to connect more authentically with those around us. 

Theatre teaches us resilience. Those who have been through a rehearsal process for any kind of performance understands the resilience needed to push through when a scene isn’t working, or you can’t quite get the dance steps, or understand the vocal line you are supposed to be singing. Often our own personal issues can impact on our ability to be as focused as we need to be in a rehearsal. Our resilience comes to the fore in this situation as we know we just need to make it through to the end.  

Theatre teaches our young people about the world around them. They investigate the past to see what has shaped our world, and they also get to take a glance into the future to see how the world could be. They learn to work with other people outside of their friendship group. In the case of a school musical, they are working across all grades and experiences. They learn very quickly that age is no measure of success or ability – that tenacity and hard work will pay off in the end. 

Our school musical will more than likely look very different this year. However, because we are resilient, creative people we will find a way to bring this exciting show to our school and wider community. We ask for your enthusiastic support in helping this to happen! 

This past weekend, rehearsals got back underway. Lead characters ‘attended’ rehearsals via Microsoft Teams, and we achieved a great deal in terms of character development and blocking.  

The cast and crew of We Will Rock You are still very excited to bring you this amazing production later this year. 

Ms Helenmarie Desmond 

Musical Director