Congratulations to Penny Tassicker for her success in ScienceVision and the Australian Junior Science Olympiad!

10 March 2023, 2:38PM

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Penny is a member of the International Junior Science Olympiad Australian Team. She sat the Australian Junior Science Olympiad Exam in July 2022, and was selected from 4000 students to take part alongside 23 other students in the Junior Science Olympiad Spring School in September 2022. After studying for six months, Penny was named in the final team of 6 for the 2022 International Junior Science Olympiad. This program offered students a chance to connect with other countries, flex their science skills and work collaboratively. The official competition was moved from Kyiv, Ukraine to Bogota, Colombia, but the Australian team was not able to travel to compete.   

Unfortunately, Penny was not able to compete in Colombia in the official competition. However, she took part in the Junior Science Challenge ‘ScienceVision’ two weeks ago, an initiative hosted by Ukraine to foster international collaboration and peace through the advancement of science. This online Science Competition is for students under 16 years of age.   

Penny was interviewed on ABC’s The Science Show by Robin Williams –  

Incredibly, Penny was awarded a Silver Medal, which is an outstanding achievement. Congratulations Penny! 

Penny second from left-hand side