Education Perfect English Championships 2020

4 June 2020, 1:35PM

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In Term 1, from 3  10 March, Marist Regional College students participated in the Education Perfect English Championships. MRC finished 6th out of 439 schools in the 501-1000 students category and earned an astounding 89,533 points! That’s over 142, 000 questions answered!  

We finished 1st in Tasmania out of 14 schools, 23rd globally out of 1615 schools, 16th overall in Australia from 1110 schools, and 3rd in Australia in the 501-1000 students category.  

Special congratulations to the following students who achieved highly (Elite, Emerald and Gold awardees, you will receive your canteen voucher prize shortly):  

The first ever Elite Award for this competition at MRC was achieved by Year 10 student, Amelie Walker with 10, 471 points. This put Amelie in the top 0.2% of 81,000 competitors.  Well done, Amelie, a fantastic effort!  

Emerald Awards (top 1% and over 5000 points):  

Eleanor Molesworth 

Elka Chamley 

Nithika Samarabandu 

Gold Awards (top 2% and over 3000 points): 

Kaviru Indralal 

Bihandu De Silva  

Yuanrui Zhao 

Shakeeb Chapri 

Silver Awards (top 5% and over 2000 points): 

Harrison Jones 

Nidula Samarabandu 

Joshua Millett 

Bo Ellis 

Bronze Awards (top 10% and over 1000 points):  

Charlotte Loring  

Jordan Donovan 

Kylani Hoffman 

Zahli French 

Xander Power 

There were also 15 students who achieved Credits (top 20% and over 500 points).  

Well done to all students who participated. Until next year, keep practising your English skills on Education Perfect and let’s see if we can keep up MRC’s effort in 2021.  


Ms Jen Mertes 

Learning Area Leader English