English – Bell Shakespeare performance

2 July 2021, 12:29PM

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On Tuesday 22 June, all Year 9s and Year 10s were treated to Bell Shakespeare performing, Romeo and Juliet: Such Sweet Sorrow and Macbeth: The Rehearsal. Here is what some Year 10s had to say about it…  

Year 10 watched a play acted by the Bell Shakespeare Company. I enjoyed it a lot as the actors were highly skilled in articulation, concentration and movement. Staying in character was made to look extremely easy and the inclusion of the audience brought more enjoyment seeing familiar faces on the stage interacting with the actors. The story itself, Macbeth, was intriguing.  

– Hayley Smith, 10C 


Today we watch the Shakespearean play, Macbeth, which is about Macbeth. He started as a good man and soldier, but on his way home from one of his battles, he meets three witches who told him a prophecy that he would become king. That would be the normal start at least, but this play started with Ryan playing Macbeth and being late to the set. And when he arrives, he was ‘surprised’ about all of us, the students, being there as the audience.  

– An anonymous student, 10C 


Ms Jen Mertes 

Learning Area Leader English