Senior College Bursaries

At Marist Regional College, we aim to provide an environment that promotes and challenges ideas, stereotypes and assumptions. We provide a creative, supportive and increasingly dynamic learning environment, welcoming all families who support the values of the College.  We welcome bursary enquiries from students who believe they can make a positive difference to the College and the wider community. 

Each year, Marist Regional College awards bursaries to five current students in Year 10 and three students that are new to the College for the following year. The bursary is to the value of 50% discount on the student’s net tuition fees in both their Year 11 and 12 education at Marist Regional College. 


Applications are now closed
The bursary recognises and rewards Year 10 students who live out the College mission and values with respect to academic, co-curricular and outreach opportunities. Students are required to seek staff endorsement for the Bursary.  The applying student needs to name the endorsing staff member in their application by filling in the below form.


Applications are now closed
For potential students to the College, prospective students will need to provide evidence of their contributions to their respective schools by filling in the below form.

Year 10 and prospective (new) Senior College students are encouraged to apply. To be eligible, students need to fulfill most, but not necessarily all of the above criteria. A student’s overall capacity to enhance the life and culture of the College will be taken into consideration.

Bursaries are awarded at the discretion of the Principal, following consultation with staff and a Bursary Selection Committee comprising of eight (8) members:
College Board Chair
Board Member
Senior College Coordinator(s)
Year Ten Coordinator
Deputy Principal(s)
Director of Faith and Mission


  • The bursary will continue during the recipients schooling at Marist Regional College unless their enrolment is withdrawn. A high standard is promoted and encouraged for bursary recipients.
  • In instances where a recipient leaves Marist Regional College to transfer to another local College to continue their education, families may be required to pay back the bursary funds that have been applied to their tuition expenses to date directly to Marist Regional College. The circumstances of the withdrawal will be taken into consideration and at the discretion of the Principal.
  • In cases where families are required to relocate and therefore enrolment is withdrawn, the bursary will simply discontinue.
  • Recipients of the bursary are expected to positively apply themselves to all aspects of their education and College life. This could be demonstrated by their application to studies, positive attitude, and support and encouragement of others. In instances where a bursary recipient does not make satisfactory progress, fails to embrace the College mission and values or does not cooperate in all aspects of their education, the Principal may temporarily or permanently withdraw the bursary.
  • Bursaries can be reviewed at the Principal’s discretion.