Recently, our Year 10 Packages of Learning (POL) students participated in a work exposure workshop and on-site opportunity delivered by the Forestry Education Foundation of Tasmania. 

The workshop involved an overview of the Forestry Industry, career path opportunities available to students including, apprenticeships, traineeships and a School Forestry Work Experience Program, heavy machinery simulations, and interviews with current apprentices in the industry. 

This was followed by a tour of the Surrey Hills Forestry Mill at Hampshire where students were given a full guided tour of operations and equipment and were informed of potential career opportunities.   

Students also visited a working Harvest Operation near Waratah where they experienced a working timber coupe and the processes involved in a harvest, as well as viewing enormous and sophisticated heavy machinery in action. 

 The Year 10 POL students and teachers wish to extend their sincere thanks to Darcy Vickers, Sam Hall, Callan Smith and Paul Sturzaker, Alex Quigley and Emily Gee, for facilitating this awesome opportunity to engage with the Forestry Industry and to network regarding future work experience opportunities. 

Feedback received from Forestry: 

‘I can honestly say that this group of students was one of the best experiences I have had with this program.  

Right from the start of the day the students introduced themselves with confidence, demonstrated genuine interest for the experience. They showed a high level of respect in the way they engaged with the other guest presenters during the introductory classroom session. The field trip was also a great success, with all students following safety instructions and actively engaging with the presenters at the sites visited.  

Students asked very relevant questions and indicated a keen interest in possible work experience opportunities.  

Thank you Jack for having the group well prepared for the experience and your support during the day. 

Several students have initiated work placements in the Forestry Industry as a result of this experience. 

Mr Jack Filtz 

Year 10 POL Teacher