Dear College Community  

One of Lent’s common themes is turning darkness into light. We only need to watch the news to see plenty of darkness. In our own personal lives, we’ve all had our dark times, sometimes caused by our own wrong-doing and the choices we have made. In other instances, there will be times where we have been wronged by others.  

The pain we feel in our lives at times can be crippling. In many cases, time can heal, or others can support us to help us recover. By diverting our attention and refocusing, we can redirect our attention to other things and move on. Prayer and meditation can be a place to start.  

At times we can cope and respond through very deliberate support systems such as counselling and psychological support.  

Thenthere are those who are trapped due to trauma, that live with pain every day through what they have seen or experienced. These people can live in darkness constantly as a result, never fully experiencing the gift of a “full” life.  

On Saturday, 20 March, 2021 at 11.00am, the College, our Archbishop and the Marist Fathers will acknowledge the deep pain, suffering, trauma and unimaginable “darkness” for the victims of historical abuse at Marist College and Marist Regional College by the Marist Fathers and lay teachers. The Liturgy of Lament, following its postponement due to Covid-19 twelve months ago, has been advertised in this newsletter, online, via front page advertising in The Advocate Newspaper and the Tasmanian Catholic Standard. 

In 2020, as an Acting Principal, and this year as Principal, I have listened to the terrible stories of those who have suffered abuse at this College, as well as those of family members of survivors. Tragically, there are those less fortunate as the struggle became too much. The devastation, betrayal and hurt carried for, in some cases decades, has created a darkness that may never see light restored in their lives. Apologies are well overdue.  

The magnitude of the impact as told to me by survivors is catastrophic. What I have read and heard is hard to take in. I can never truly understand the extent to which those who have suffered have been broken but I try my hardest to.  

Survivors continue to show great courage. I thank those survivors who have played an active role to work with us to prepare the Liturgy of Lament.  

On Monday, 29 March we are holding a Ritual of Healing and Commitment to install a plaque near the main entry to the College building. This is to act as a reminder to all, that what occurred, must never happen again. Every person who enters, and those passing through the College will see the plaque. It is a sign of commitment as custodians of a better future.  

Our young people are the community and region’s greatest gift. In future years, it will be their responsibility to ensure that the Marist Regional College we have come to know today, continues to be enhanced by a commitment to a better world, filled with hope, love and respect for the dignity of each person.  

May our prayers continue to be with those who suffer in darkness this Lent.  

In partnership 

Mr Gregg Sharman 


Staff Farewell:  Mr Tim Horniblow 

It is with sadness that I share with you, after considerable thought, Mr Tim Horniblow has decided to call time on his long and distinguished teaching career at Marist Regional College.   

Tim commenced at the College in 1989. Since that time, he has taught various subjects, with a long association in the role of Careers Advisor. Currently enjoying some well-deserved long service leave, Tim will conclude in his role at the end of Term 1. 

As a former student of the College, I will never forget Tim’s enthusiasm and genuine interest in the individual. This has remained with me for 25 years. His impact on many, many students at this College is hard to quantify. We can only imagine the positive influence Tim has had on the region and beyond. 

Tim’s “way of being” exemplifies our values and what it is we stand for. On behalf of our College community, we extend immense thanks and gratitude to Tim for his long and dedicated service and wish him much joy and happiness in this new chapter of his life.