Dear College Community  

Ritual of Lament  

Most, if not all people within our community are aware of the Ritual of Lament being held tomorrow morning at the Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens to acknowledge and remember those who have suffered past sexual abuse at Marist and Marist Regional College.  

I would like to thank the Seek the Truth Committee for their time and investment to support the organisation of the event, which has been a process of over two years.  

To our staff for the preparation, our students for their representation tomorrow, as well as our Music Ministry, we offer sincere thanks.  

To those who have suffered from their experiences here at the College; we are committed to the healing process and to reconcile our past with hope for the future.  

A link to the live stream of this event is found here and begins at 11:00am  A Ritual of Lament 

On Monday, 29 March 2021, a Healing and Commitment Ritual will be held on site at the College which will involve staff, our Student Representative Council and members of our community. This will see a commemorative plaque installed on the outside of our Garden of Remembrance as a symbolic reminder of what happened here, as well as to keep our focus on a better future for young people at this College.  The plaque also plays an important role in the Ritual of Lament held this Saturday.  


Reaching Out to Make a Difference: Co-Designing a New Model to Deliver Choice in Secondary Catholic Education for the Circular Head Area 

We are embarking on a project which will explore the development of a future model for delivering choice in secondary Catholic education for the Circular Head area. The goal is to engage students, parents, teachers, the community, business and industry as co-designers in a model responsive to the unique needs and circumstance of the area and which will continue to inspire learning and continuous improvement.  

The project’s two key drivers are as follows:  

  • Firstly, around 80 of our students travel three hours or more every day, to access secondary Catholic education at the college at Burnie. By anyone’s standards, this is a quite a daily commute! 
  • The second driver involves our response to the restrictions experienced during the 2020 Covid pandemic and lockdown. The ability of teachers, students and families to adapt to using available technology showed us we could successfully deliver learning on-line.   

On Monday this week, we heard from a large number of our students from Circular Head who were able to share their lived experiences with us. Despite the distance, the level of their engagement here at our College was inspirational to hear and capture.  

If you are from the Circular Head community, we would like to share with you an opportunity to join us to discuss at parent forums held on Wednesday, 31 March at 1.15pm and again at 6.00pm at St Peter Chanel Catholic School in Smithton.   

Anyone wishing to attend one of the sessions on 31 Marchplease complete the following registration linkRegistration Form or email or phone 6432 7612. 

Please refer to the College’s website for further information:  

In partnership 

Mr Gregg Sharman