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14 May 2021, 1:01PM

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Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Community 

For this edition, my intention is to share with you some “snapshots” of varied activities and topics from our community. 



This week our students in Year 7 and 9 have been undertaking NAPLAN assessments. I wonder how the results will fare nationally after the year we had in 2020? Of course, we experienced close to a Term in lockdown, however, in some locations it was much longer. 

These standardised tests have been the subject of debate for some time now. There are obvious pros and cons. One that comes to mind relate to gaining some qualitative data relating to students in schools, regions and states, allowing funding distribution to be fair and equitable. Another is the stress that these tests cause our young people, in a time where we have never seen higher levels of social-emotional needs of our young people. 

Challenges of (School) Leadership 

I am currently in my ninth year as a Principal. It is a very rewarding and challenging vocation! Leadership in general can be extremely fulfilling. I particularly enjoy seeing elements of what I do evoke positive change, new innovation, vision and action. No leadership role comes without some form of personal toll, however, it is the life-giving moments that provide the energy to do more, maintain a positive and creative mindset, a focus on solutions and better outcomes that make it all worthwhile. 

If you had the opportunity to see what I undertake on a daily basis, you’d be surprised! It is a privilege to engage with young people and their families in the work of enhancing lives. Asking the question, “What is it that the child needs at this time?” and making it happen, is really rewarding. Previously having worked in Josephite schools, the (abbreviated) phrasing of St Mary MacKillop, “Never see a need without doing something about it” are words that can be easily transformed into action. 

Today, I am transporting four of our Senior College leaders to a leadership forum in Hobart. They will share their leadership experiences with other like-minded young people. At MRC, we take it seriously for our young people to experience opportunities to have a voice in the direction and life of the College. 

Feast of the Ascension – this Sunday 

This Sunday, we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension, where we gather to acknowledge Jesus’ earthly physical presence coming to an end after his resurrection. This left the disciples with some challenges. How were they going to fulfill the challenges laid down by their master at the last supper? What was going to be required by them in their mission to bring the good news to the world? How might Jesus have maintained a presence in the lives of the disciples, but also in our own lives today? 

 School Football  

On Wednesday afternoon, I had the privilege of watching the Senior Boys and Girls Football Teams. Last year, sport was fairly limited at the College, but things are back into a fairly regular routine. The girls are a very talented team with a number of state players. They won convincingly against Grammar. On the main oval, the boys were defeated, but it was their spirit that impressed. Their disappointment was obvious after leading for almost the entire game. There is goodness in this disappointment; it underlines their commitment to the College, one another and their coach. Further commitment was illustrated by Taylor Nash (Year 11), one of the College’s best footballers, who was prepared to act as a runner after recovering from a concussion. Congratulations to Taylor on his recent senior debut at local level. 

College Capital Development 

The College Building Committee has been working closely with staff and have been pursuing a likely first stage to our Senior School development; a Materials, Design and Technology/VET Small Engines, Automotive and Construction facility.  

We are very fortunate to have a great number of experienced MDT staff, who have both trade and teaching experience, to develop concepts for action in due course. The location is likely to be near the College staff car park. We will share an updated concept with you in the Marist Star in the near future. 

Staffing News 

Mr Daryl Odgers has accepted a new position at Saputo and has resigned from his position as Human Resource Manager after 7.5 years. Daryl has been a well-liked and caring staff member who has built many close relationships during this time. I personally would like to express my gratitude for Daryl’s friendship and work in my time at the College. Daryl looks forward to the travel and variety of experience in his new venture. 


Over the last 12 months, we have noticed a significant increase in enrolments. This has included students entering the College for Year 7, but also throughout the College. Applications are now being accepted for 2022. We have little doubt that there will be waiting lists for next year. If your current child has younger siblings, can you please ensure that you apply as soon as possible to support us in our planning for the future? You can achieve this online at:  


Our College achieves great things with the students in Senior College. Do you have connections with students who attend other schools in the region that might like to join us for Year 11 and 12? 

Please see the link for student bursaries:  

Did you know? 

  • 71% of our students were offered early entry at the University of Tasmania last year, announced in Third Term.  
  • 10% of students achieve ATARs of over 90. At MRC last year, this was 25% of our Year 12 cohort. 
  • Last year we offered 8 VET Courses. We now offer 17, with many having the ability to be timetabled, enabling a blended (combination of pre-tertiary and VET) pathway. Traditionally, VET subjects have been whole day courses, but we have made changes to achieve the above and create broader variety and choice for our students. For next year, we are currently embarking on an evidenced based approach to reviewing our offerings with a vision to make our offerings as engaging and broad as possible. 

In partnership 

Mr Gregg Sharman