From our Principal

27 August 2021, 1:54PM

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Dear College Community  

Firstly, I would like to thank our staff, students and parent community for completing our recent College Improvement Survey that closed on Monday.  

We really appreciate the time you took to complete the survey as it will help us shape the direction of the College and identify our areas of strength as well as to identify areas of growth.

Our next step will be to run a number of College Improvement workshops. This will see us conduct group sessions led by the College Leadership for students and families. The family sessions will be quite intimate, running in groups of between 6 and 10. These will be conversational and an opportunity for you to accept an invitation to find out more about the College, as well as to primarily have a “say” in the future.  

Our staff are also engaged in College Improvement. We have a strong focus on building our Professional Learning Community. This sees many of our staff choosing to engage in one of the following collaborative teams that have been identified as brilliant opportunities for College enhancement: 

Global Connections  

“Continuing to develop a highly connected and relevant English and HaSS Curriculum in the Middle Years” 

Middle Years Mathematics  

“Prioritising the curriculum to meet the needs of every child through Responsive Learning and Teaching”  

Reimagining Student Support  

“Reimagining what is possible for all students who require additional support” 

Supporting our Staff Move from Provisional to Full Registration 

“Supporting our Provisionally Registered staff move to Full Registration through an evidenced-based approach”  

Circular Head Project: Reaching Out to Make a Difference  

“Creating a flexible and optional learning environment for students from Circular Head to learn remotely”  

Senior College Stage 1 Capital Project: Vocational, Education and Training (VET) and Technology Centre  

“Creating new and relevant spaces for our students who desire to pursue a pathway in trades and technology”  

Creating a Connected and Cohesive Pathway in the Arts 

By learning that each artistic discipline can combine with the other to create diverse artworks, students are able to develop flexible pathways through the Arts that encourage creative thinking for the future. 

 In the future, the following teams will be activated as the above achieve their goals: 

  • Creating a Whole College Approach to Well-Being  
  • Enhancing Pathways and Careers  
  • The Senior Secondary Curriculum  
  • Implementing Growing Towards Wholeness: Catholic Education Tasmania Sexuality Program  
  • Developing our own Reconciliation Action Plan and Becoming More Culturally Aware 
  • Celebrating our College Identity and Charism: 50 Years as Marist Regional College (1972-2022)   
  • Gifted and Talented Learning  

I wonder how relevant you believe the above initiatives are in the life of your child and our community?  

Senior College in 2022 at MRC 

This is a strong focus for us at the moment. I would like you to be aware of the following: 

We have a strong and deliberate approach to offer as many courses as possible for 2022. This includes the adoption of very small class sizes, in many instances, throughout the Senior College. This will ensure our young people have the variety and opportunities they need for a broad pathway for the future. 

In the unlikely event that your child is unable to undertake a course and/or find an alternative at Marist Regional College, please advise Mr Wayne Gale (Acting Deputy Principal: Learning and Teaching). A cross-sectorial agreement now exists that enables Marist Regional College students to study in Department of Education settings, should this be suitable for all parties.  

Our VET opportunities have moved from 8 in 2020, to 17 this year, and 19 in 2022. 31 of our Year 10 students have elected to undertake Construction in Year 11. This bodes well for our new facility which will be built next year, with hope, commencing over Easter.  

If I can offer you further statistics from last year’s graduates?  

  • 71% of our graduates were offered early entry to UTAS before sitting an End of Year Exam. This was by far the highest offer from the schools in our region.  
  • 12% of our graduates were placed in the top 5% of performers nationally. 
  • 25% of our graduates were placed in the top 10% of performers nationally. 

These are outstanding results.  

In addition to the Subject Selection evening held recently, Year 10 students are required to complete a Pathway Planning and Approved Learning Plan. If your child needs further advice, please refer to the information provided in this Marist Star. 

We should be reminded that young people tend to have multiple careers and experiences, more than ever. This can look like a requirement from our schools to provide broader and more diverse pathways, as opposed to those quite narrow, without limiting students who pursue specific careers with high degrees of subject specific knowledge and skills. 

Last year, Marist Regional College achieved the highest retention rate of all Senior Catholic Colleges in Tasmania. This, I believe, is validated by the results achieved, the greater variety being offered, a willingness to be creative, flexible and open to all scenarios faced, the outstanding pastoral care provided, including a highly supportive setting, and the deep connection our students have to our community.  

Our College will continue to focus on the future with a goal to continually enhance our practices and approaches. You are warmly welcomed to RSVP to the opportunities as mentioned above and be part of the movement we are creating.  

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement, engagement and partnership. 

Mr Gregg Sharman