Dear College community, 

Over the last month or so, I have been meeting with many families through our enrolment process. This has been a great opportunity for me to engage and connect with families, many for the first time. During these interactions, there are two kinds of enrolment interviews; those who currently have children at the College and those new to our community.  

These conversations usually take two directions. To those currently engaged at the College, we will often ask what you have appreciated to date, as well as what your hopes are for the future. To those new to the community, we ask families “why Marist Regional College?” as well as some future-focused conversations 

What is very apparent, is the appreciation and gratitude for what we have. Current families speak of:  

  • The College atmosphere, which is extended to a positive culture. What we consider normal at the College is of an exemplary standard. We aim to continually enhance our culture by both articulating and most importantly, taking the opportunity to live out our Catholic values in every interaction with others.  
  • The strong sense of trust and partnership between the home and the College, to bring about the best life outcomes for our children. 
  • We have a long history of high achieving students in many aspects of College life. This is not only narrowed to the academic experiences we provide. We are committed to the development of the whole person.  
  • Our staff and their ongoing commitment to the students. We consider what we do in Catholic education as a vocation, a deep sense of calling to serve our community.  
  • Our connectedness; to one another, our community, our faith and purpose.  
  • The College’s open communication, proactivity and response rate when matters arise. Believe me, there will be both opportunities and issues for us to work through together. 

All of the above and more help to generate a very special spirit at the College.  

For new families, they mention: 

  • The welcome and hospitality received through the enrolment process. Let’s be clear, we do not see ourselves as elite; our mission in Catholic education is to bring life to every member of our community.  
  • Our facilities and opportunities. Through strategic leadership, the College is well-resourced and has brought it to this current point in its story.  
  • What families, as prospective parents and students, have been told about our College. Thank you for sharing a positive message with others. The College has a strong desire to continue to learn with and from one another, to best craft and enact a compelling vision for our community.  
  • Again, the expression of our College values has great appeal. Many of our parents feel that we live in a world where its young people need to understand what is really important. We are very fortunate that our faith tradition is the foundation of our work in an increasingly secular world. I have never met a parent who doesn’t want their child to be loving, compassionate, service and justice orientated, hospitable and caring.  

As for the future, there are some significant shifts taking place at the College. We, as leaders, are allowing these shifts to take place. You have read about the Senior College Wing Redevelopment as well as our significant increase in VET course offerings for our Senior College students in 2021. These are coming about as a consequence of listening to our people, deliberate planning and grasping the opportunities as presented.  

We are very excited about what is possible in the future. On reflection, I wouldn’t have dreamt that some of the directions we are now taking would have even been thought about in Term One. Our motivation is to continue to strive to bring the best for our young people of this region, to make a positive difference in the lives of others, as well as their own. 

In partnership  

Mr Gregg Sharman 


2021 Year 7 Enrolments 

Due to high levels of Year 7 enrolments, we are exploring adding another class for next year.  Please keep in mind that positions for Year 7 2021 are very limited. In some cases within the College, we do not have vacancies.  

We welcome and invite you to share with your friends and those you know who are interested in enrolling their child in our CollegeFurthermore, we are establishing enrolment expressions of interest on our website.  

For Year 7, 2022, our enrolment campaign will commence in Term Four this year. For all enrolment enquiries, please contact our Enrolment Registrar, Mrs Jennine Williams.  

CCYP (Commissioner for Children and Young People) Ambassador Program 

Marist Regional College student, Taso Bookarof in Year 9 is representing the College as a member of the CCYP Ambassador Program. This is a state-wide event held in Launceston in September. 

The CCYP Ambassador Program is an opportunity for young people to have their voices heard on how things could be improved for children and young people in Tasmania. 

CCYP Ambassadors help the Commissioner for Children and Young People to understand what is important for children and young people and are provided with opportunities to come together to discuss key issues and influence decision-makers. Almost 200 children and young people from around Tasmania were involved in the CCYP Ambassador Program in 2019. 

Thank you, Taso for your commitment and involvement in this event.