Dear College Community  

A challenging week at the College, no doubt, for a number of students, staff and families. From challenges comes learning and the opportunity to make good for the future. We commit to ongoing growth and development.  

As a staff group last week, we spent time reflecting on the vision we want for the College in the future. We referred to the recent survey data you provided us with to help inform our thinking, along with input from families at our Parent Workshops held late last term. Thanks to those families who attended and joined in the conversation.  

What did we hear from families both through the surveys and workshop?  We had 524 parent respondents. I can’t be any more open with you in terms of the Learning and Teaching data as presented below: 


Interpretation of the data is indicated by the following key: 

Feedback data on our College leadership is indicated below:  

The data you’ve provided us with is obviously very healthy. This is affirming; however, we need to recognise our priorities for the next chapter of our College.  

Probably the most obvious priority that has emerged is the requirement to build a strong educational philosophy, including clear approaches to Middle Years and Senior Secondary learning. This will help to build greater consistency in practice across the College. Another focus is to review and re-define our approaches to social-emotional learning. Never have we seen greater needs in this area. Young people live in a complex world that is challenging to navigate. Reviewing our beliefs and processes will be essential, and this has commenced. Our unique Catholic identity can always be enhanced, where prayer and sacramental life is fostered through meaningful and relevant experiences. Inviting our community to grow their faith relationship with God is core to who we are.  

I’ve been looking at other Marist College missions, visions and values statements. What do you think of the values statement below? They have a very distinct Marist flavour:  


  • We care for every child in our school 
  • We know people personally and individually 
  • We engage with people authentically 
  • We earn trust 
  • We foster openness. 


  • We are genuine, straightforward, and unpretentious 
  • We are honest in our relationships 
  • We ‘do good’ quietly 
  • We do not needlessly over-complicate education 
  • We focus on what matters most – providing high quality teaching, learning, and care. 


  • We relate to each other as the members of a loving family 
  • We undertake to build a genuine community of individuals 
  • We offer a warmth of welcome, acceptance and belonging 
  • We have high standards of mutual respect 
  • We value and believe in people. 


  • We recognise the value and importance of work 
  • We have a ‘roll up our sleeves’ attitude and expectation 
  • We foster teamwork 
  • We seek to develop solid values, strong character, and resilience 
  • We encourage children to discover the dignity of work as a way to bring purpose and meaning to life. 


  • We see in Mary a perfect model for all Marists – compassionate, courageous, strong and constant. 

Our College has a unique dual, Sisters of Mercy/Marist Charism (or spirit). The Mercy Charism is strongly emphasised in our current values.  

Our College is undertaking a formal review in November. It is the first time this has taken place in ten years or more. We look forward to the process and the commendations and recommendations that help inform this phase of deep discernment for the future. 

In partnership 

Gregg Sharman