As it has now been five weeks since our Year Seven students joined our College community, I wonder whether they’ve been asked the question: “What does it mean to be Marist?”. It is a conversation that can be had within classes and a topic at assemblies for us to reflect upon.  

A definition from the internet describes as follows:  

“Marist” is the adjective that comes from the name “Mary.” It describes Mary, so it means, quite simply “like Mary.” The “Mary” that we speak of in “being Marist,” is Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Therefore, “being Marist” means being like Mary, the Mother of Jesus. 

What a role model we have in Mary. Loving, humble, simplistic, and courageous are virtues that come to mind.  

As our College was co-founded, we cannot forget the Sisters of Mercy, the other half of our “blended charism” that has helped us to form a unique identity, founded on the Gospel and our values of Hospitality, Compassion, Justice, Respect and Responsibility.  

Every person who joins this community automatically subscribes to these values. Like Mary, we all say “yes” and share these values, the pillars, or foundations for every interaction we have with one another.  

Marist Regional College is a school with high expectations, founded on our explicit Catholic values, enlivened by the unique traditions and rituals, which help to embed our faith and beliefs in all we do. We are also able to form a better understanding of “who we are” through building our own personal identities, possibly extending to a sense of purpose or mission much greater than ourselves.  

I hope all of us can take the opportunity to reflect more deeply about the type of person we aspire to be, particularly in this season of Lent.  

Our partnership is an incredible force and can help your child be the best version of themselves. As we walk together, we too may experience moments of growth as adults, as we overcome challenges and support one another. We have worked with many families where their children have come out of very “dark places”. We are called to live this way. This is “Marist”.  

I invite you to carefully read the communication from key staff in this edition of the Marist Star to ensure your child meets their responsibilities, as well as to work positively with you as partners in this Catholic education. Additionally, and importantly, there are some very exciting initiatives and activities that we want to communicate with you.  

In partnership,  


Mr Gregg Sharman 



Staff Farewell 

It is with mixed feelings that I share the news that Ms Andrea Kelly is leaving our Marist Regional College family at the end of Term One, 2023. 

Andrea has made the difficult decision to return to her original home of New Zealand. She has decided to join her elderly mother in New Zealand and spend more quality time with her family and loved ones. 

It has been a challenging period of time for Andrea over the last few years and we fully support her decision to place her dear mother at the forefront of her thinking. 

Andrea begun her career at Marist in 2016. Since then, she has held various positions of leadership including, Year Level Coordinator, Learning Area Leader: 9-12 Science, and most recently, Lead Teacher in 2022. 

To Andrea, you will be sorely missed by staff and students alike. We thank you for the significant contribution you have made to Marist Regional College. The knowledge and care you have generously shared within our community has been valued. We wish you well on your journey home to your origins. Should you return to MRC in the future, you will be warmly welcomed upon return, should this be the journey God takes you. 

Positions have been advertised in recent weeks that will enable a smooth handover with Andrea, as well as a suitable transition for our students during this time. We are very confident we will be able to find qualified, experienced, and engaging educators to work at this great College. 


MRC Board Membership 

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the College Board, please express your interest to: 

Jennine Williams 

PA to the Principal 

Tel: (03) 6432 7612 




Our enrolment is the highest since 2014. To avoid disappointment, please go to to express your interest for 2024 or 2025.