Dear Families,  

We enrol students from all over the region with our students travelling from as far as Devonport, Forth and Turners Beach, through to Smithton and the West Coast, extending to Rosebery.  

Students from the west are transported on the St Joseph’s Catholic School bus, and we make a significant financial investment to ensure these students have access to a Catholic Education here in Burnie. As evidenced by our enrolment, the long distances by bus are certainly “worth it” for our students from Smithton and the west coast.  

We transition students from around twenty feeder schools, both Catholic and from the state and independent systems. For our Year Sevens, we have a key objective supporting the formation of our young people into being more “Marist”. This period of transition and formation can take time.  

On occasion, some students and their families struggle with the College’s values, expectations, structure, and culture, despite the support, compassion, empathy, and adjustments made. This is honest and the reality, in a minority of instances.  

As a Principal across three schools in this region for 11 years now, I have seen many young people grow and develop positively as a consequence of their varied journeys into Marist Regional College. Growth in each individual presents itself differently, at different rates and in varied characteristics.  

Being part of the Marist Regional College community is not something I take for granted; it is a gift. For all of us, we have a daily opportunity in this setting to examine and reflect on our own lives, in line with our faith, the Gospel, and the example of Jesus Christ. We also pay devotion to Mary, whose courage, compassion, strength, and humility is particularly emphasised during Holy Week and through the resurrection.  

These examples, the rituals and traditions in which we participate, the prayer, reflection, and response, all help us in our formation. Despite this being a college of outstanding academic tradition, what is given a greater priority to us is the character and formation of our students (and staff).  

This week, I received an email from Mrs Kate Fogarty, the Principal of Assumption College, Kilmore, Victoria. Mrs Fogarty forwarded an email that she received from a member of her college community, in relation to the interactions observed of our very own Marist Senior Boys Basketball team who were competing in the Marist Sports Association National Competition last week in Adelaide: 

“The reason I’m emailing though is for another school. I wanted to let you know and hope you can pass it on that the boys from Tasmania were the nicest group of kids I’ve met. They made friends with everyone across the week especially the Assumption boys. They came and watched all their games, watched the girls as well and cheered like they had known them for years. They also happened to be staying at the same accommodation as us. In their down time they then befriended Penelope and Logan (Owen’s younger siblings) and made them feel right at home with them too. They are a credit to their school community and their families. 

I tell my kids all the time that whilst it’s nice to win all your sport the main thing is the people you met and memories you make. The Tassie boys took that to a whole new level for me this week and the Assumption kids won’t forget them any time soon”.  

The young men who represented us last week are a credit to our community; themselves, their families, their teachers past and present, and the College.  

The young adults who attend this college are a product of a lot of time, energy, love, patience, understanding, shared responsibility and mutual respect from firstly, themselves and the work of our partnership between home and the College. I am often humbled by not necessarily what they do, but how they go about their lives with others, and the support they’ve received by key adults to “get them where they are”. Our senior students, generally, are not only a great example for younger students who transition into the College from around the region, but a much larger audience as evidenced above.  

To conclude, I would like to wish Ms Andrea Kelly, Teacher, every success in her new chapter as she returns to New Zealand to be closer to immediate family as of next Term.  

Andrea is the sort of teacher who has played a significant role in the formation of hundreds of students at this College; a special person filled with warmth and a generosity of spirit, coupled with outstanding teaching knowledge and practice. Thanks, Andrea, for your service over the past 7 years. 

May Jesus’ cross and resurrection be a source of inspiration and reflection in coming days.  

 In partnership,  


Mr Gregg Sharman 




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