Welcome back for 2021. I would like to welcome all our new students, their families, new staff and any other new relationships we’ve formed over the summer months.  

Wednesday was a day of significance for our College, as we acknowledged the outstanding achievements of our students for the efforts in 2020 with our Awards of Excellence Assembly, held in the Harcombe Centre. Congratulations to all award recipients. Please see these listed via a hyperlink later in this edition.  

I would like to pay special tribute to Mrs Sherry Rand, Mrs Jennine Williams, Mr Wayne Gale and Mr Brady Yates for their commitment to this event. Many, many “outside” hours were dedicated to make the assembly a success.  

To our new staff at the College, we welcome the following in their roles: 

  • Mrs Jess Magee (Year 7 Coordinator and Learning Area Leader Drama) 
  • Mr Sam Johnstone (Year 9 Coordinator) 
  • Mrs Sophia Jackson (Student Support Coordinator 
  • Mr Stuart Cooper (Learning Area Leader Technologies) 
  • Mrs Hayley Wolstenholme (Teacher)  
  • Ms Vanessa Wright (Teacher) 
  • Mr Mitchell Atkinson (Teacher)   
  • Ms Suzanne Woolley (Teacher)   
  • Miss Brittany Bucholz (VET Trainee) 
  • Mr Connor van der Ploeg (Harcombe Trainee) 
  • Miss Emily Risdon (Faith & Ministry Trainee) 
  • Mr David Angliss (Teacher) 
  • Mrs Emma Dent (Teacher Assistant) 
  • Mr Steven King (Teacher) 
  • Mr Keegan Powell (Teacher Assistant) 
  • Mr Kevin O’Daly  (Teacher)  
  • Mr Nigel Smith (Building Maintenance Supervisor) 
  • Mrs Sherry Rand (Administration Officer to Leadership) 

Our College Leadership also has a new “look” with, Mr Wayne Gale (Acting Deputy Principal: Learning and Teaching), Mrs Emily Sass (Director of Faith and Ministry) and Mr Brady Yates (Acting Director of Organisation) joining Ms Gabrielle Woods (Business Manager), Mrs Tracey Rogers (Deputy Principal: Pastoral Well-Being) and myself forming a team featuring diversity in expertise and backgrounds.  

Our Liturgical Calendar soon enters the season of Lent on Wednesday, 17 February. This is an opportunity for us to reflect on our journeys as Christians and consider the future; an opportunity to consider where we have been, where we might be headed and the new directions we might need to take. I have a strong sense that this might be a recurring theme for 2021.  

It is my hope that we can pursue this year in a reflective manner and begin planning for a positive future. The College has some significant plans and initiatives where you will be invited to participate and engage.  

One of our strengths in Catholic Education is our strong and unique sense of community. Despite COVID19 trying its best to undermine how we gather and celebrate, we will continue to aim to bring what we have previously, but possibly in new formats. We will need to go about our work responsibly, to ensure the safety of all – the risks, however, are still very real.  

We look forward to a positive 2021 with optimism, hope, enthusiasm and energy.  

In partnership 

Mr Gregg Sharman