From the Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching

14 April 2022, 6:47PM

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Term One has certainly been a busy term with many challenges to our learning and teaching environment due to COVID absences and mask wearing, but our students, teachers and support staff have managed this extremely well.  

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank our teachers for the extra work they have undertaken to ensure our students at home were able to continue with their learning.  

As a College we have shown we are flexible and able to adapt our learning and teaching practices as the world evolves.

Term One Progress Report 

Term One Progress Reports will be available at the end of Term via the M.E.L. Parent Portal.  

The Term One Progress Report provides a snapshot of your child’s “Application and Attitude” to their studies. It shows areas of strength and may highlight areas for development. The purpose of this report is to improve learning and provide a starting point for discussions with teachers at our upcoming Parent Teacher Feedback Meetings. We welcome and encourage all parents/guardians to meet with your son or daughter’s teachers. We strongly recommend students also attend so they can be involved in the discussions. 

Parent Teacher Feedback Meetings 

Parent Teacher Feedback Meetings will be held on Wednesday 4 May from 3:30pm – 7:00pm and Thursday 12 May 3:30pm – 7:00pm.   Your attendance at Parent Teacher Meetings sends a powerful message to your child about the value you place on their education. If, on the Progress Report, a teacher has indicated ‘Interview required’, we ask that you make every effort to attend a meeting to discuss any concerns the teacher may have regarding your child’s progress in that subject.    

To further prepare for Parent Teacher Feedback Meetings, your child’s teachers have provided feedback for every subject on M.E.L. Through the M.E.L. Parent Portal, you are able to access your child’s assessment calendar, assessment tasks and view feedback the teacher has provided during the term. 

Please see the detailed letter sent out to parents on how to access your child’s reports and how to book Parent Teacher Feedback Meetings. View the letter here. 

M.E.L. Parent Help Desk 

During the two Parent Teacher Evenings, we will have a M.E.L. Parent Help Desk operating in the Upstairs Marian Atrium. Feel free to pop by the desk to ask any queries you may have on accessing and using the M.E.L. Parent Portal. 

Thank you all for a great Term and have a safe and restful break, 

Mrs Emily Sass 

Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching