As we approach the end of Term Two, we thank you for your support in our education of your children throughout what has been a very busy and sometimes disruptive year with COVID. We are all looking forward to getting to know our students better as we become mask free from next week – it will be especially lovely to see the faces of our Year 7 students! 

 Mid Year Reports – Year 7 – 10 

Mid Year Reports will be available for Year 7 – 10 students via the MEL Parent Portal via the button “Academic Reports” on the final day of Term Two, Friday 8 July.  

It is a Commonwealth Government requirement to issue two summative reports each year.  The first of these is what you will receive at the end of this term.  This reflects the level to which a student is ‘on-track’ to meeting the achievement standard at the end of the year. 

Teachers for each of your child’s learning areas will report on your child’s achievement against the relevant strands, indicated as Extending, Consolidating or Developing, and award an overall grade against the Australian Curriculum standard using a 5-point grading system (A-E).  

For non-ACARA subjects (ie. courses that deliver a curriculum outside of the Australian Curriculum eg. Small Engines), teachers will mark against relevant criteria. If a subject is only taught in Semester One (eg Years 9 and 10 semesterised elective), a grade will be reported in the Semester One Report and will not appear in the Semester Two Report, and vice versa.  

In the Semester One and End of Year Reports, teachers of each subject will provide an assessment of your child’s application and attitude attributes. Pastoral Care Group Leaders will comment on your child’s participation in Pastoral Care and general progress, including attendance, uniform and behaviour.  

For greater detail on your child’s progress in individual subjects, please access the class specific feedback on MEL. You can access this feedback via the MEL Parent Portal by clicking on your child’s subject which will take you to each class page. 

 Mid Year Reports – Senior College    

Senior College Semester One Reports will be sent out in early Term Three after mid-year exams.  Teachers of Senior College students will report against the relevant criteria for each course.  For reporting, this will include mid-year exam results. Teachers of Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses will report against relevant competencies.  

 Mid Year Exams – Senior College 

Please be aware that our Senior College students will be undertaking their Mid Year Exams in Week 10 which will occur in the Harcombe Centre classrooms. Other students should be aware of their noise levels around this time, and be conscious that some exams do not finish until 4:00pm.  

We realise a lot of students are tired during these final two weeks of term and look forward to continuing to support your children to a successful end of term. 

Mrs Emily Sass 

Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching