As we finished up our final week of classes for Senior College students, I would like to acknowledge all the hard work that has occurred up to this point by both staff, students and support staff. It really does take a village to raise a child – and we are so pleased that Marist Regional College could be part of that ‘village’ over their schooling years. 

We wish our Year 12 leavers all the best as they get closer to the end of their schooling years. It has been wonderful to see our young people celebrate their time at Marist over the past week and we wish all our Senior College students well as many head into the study and exam period. 

A few study tips I would recommend: 

  • Have a study plan! 
  • Work out how you study best – is it in the morning, afternoon or evening? 
  • Then, work out the optimum study time for you – this might be 6 hours per day – which you could then break down into three two-hour blocks (a bit like a school day!) 
  • Map out when your exams are and prioritise what subjects you are going to focus on first 
  • Once you have prioritised you can then break it down into what topics you will cover in each study block over the whole study week and exam period 
  • In between each block try to have a planned break – this might be walking around the block in your morning break then something to eat, and in your lunch break it might be having your lunch outside – have a set time that you are going to return to study so you don’t lose track of time 
  • If you do a productive 6 hours in the day, your nights are then yours to do as you wish – knowing that you have mapped things out, so you don’t need to feel guilty about not studying at night (if this works for you of course) 
  • Don’t have your mobile phone within reach while you are studying – this is the ultimate distraction (our notifications are literally set up to distract us!) 
  • If you are a procrastinator, just try to start something, anything (even just your study plan) – normally once you start it’s much easier to get into a flow and easier to start next time 
  • Sleep, exercise and time away from study doing things you enjoy are crucial to ensure that you are looking after yourself during this time. 

Any Senior College students who would like help with an individual study plan, feel free to contact me via email  

For our Year 7 to 10 students, I have witnessed some great classes over the past few weeks, and I look forward to this continuing for the rest of the Term.  

Mrs Emily Sass 

Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching