Global Connections Highlights of Term 1

1 April 2021, 5:28PM

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As the term draws to an end, we reflect and celebrate some of the learning activity highlights of Global Connections from Term 1:

Virtual Author Visit – Year 8

On Tuesday 9th March, Chris Bradford (author of “Young Samurai: Way of the Warrior”) connected with Year 8 classes via Zoom all the way from the UK.

“Chris Bradford, author of Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior (the book we have been reading in class) came for a virtual visit on Zoom. He told us about his different book series – the Bodyguard series, Young Samurai series, a lighter read series and his latest book, Soul Hunter. We found out that a TV series is being made for the Young Samurai books. Chris showed us his samurai sword that can slice through flesh and bone with ease, and a bokken – a wooden training sword. We learned that there were sword testers that used dead bodies or criminals to cut through to see how sharp the sword was. He showed us how to bow and a fighting stance and a few punches. We listened to a dramatic reading of the prologue of The Way of the Warrior and we did a quiz on it. He told us he knew some moves and people’s weak spots – there is a place near your collarbone when if pressed, makes you lose control of your legs…. We saw a young girl using a huge bow to hit a bullseye from far away. It was interesting learning about his inspirations and Japanese traditions. Thanks, Chris!”  By Bo Ellis (Year 8 Student) 

“At the start of the meeting he showed us the Young Samurai trailer and explained his life as a child. He told us about him being an artist (singer/musician). Then he asked us if we had any questions. He talked about his travels and who he has met. He showed us that he has a real samurai sword and bokken. He asked questions and got us to answer through standing and/or waving. There was a list of questions about a short story that he played, and after we got up and did a martial arts exercise. We also got told about a new Young Samurai TV show to be coming out in the near future, and about a book that he wrote, that came out this month.” By Simone Gleeson (Year 8 Student) 

The Australian Geography Competition – Year 7 and 8 

On Thursday, 25 March, forty-nine Middle Years students participated in the annual Australian Geography Competition. The Australian Geography Competition is a contest for Australian secondary school students, assessing their geographical knowledge and skills. The competition aims to encourage student interest in geography and to reward student excellence. 

Japanese Cultural Experiences – Year 8 

Mrs Carolyn Cox and two of her daughters (past students of MRC – Caitlyn and Rhiannon) shared elements of Japanese culture with some Year 8 students to complement their learning about Shogunate Japan and their novel study Young Samurai: Way of the Warrior 

Even half price airfares won’t get you to Japan right now but Mrs Cox’s Global Connections class got the next best thing. The weapons display by Mrs Cox’s amazing daughters, Caitlyn and Rhiannon, was incredible. My favourite weapon was the Sai, a weapon of choice for a lot of women during combat. The Ninja’s mainly use these for stabbing. Caitlyn showed us how to use this weapon – you wouldn’t want to argue with her.  Rhiannon served us meso soup, seaweed crackers, dried fish and Japanese fizzy drink.  I tried everything but my favourite was the meso soup and the dried fish I wouldn’t need to try again in a hurry. We then made sushi with Caitlyn, there was a variety of different ingredients that we could choose from, but I just went for the trusty salmon and avocado. Given it will still be some time before you can travel, we got a great insight onto Japanese culture and their food. This was a really great learning experience that I certainly enjoyed that I will remember as a holiday. Thanks Mrs Cox!  

Elizabeth – 8E 

Excursion to View Road Reserve – Year 7 

On Friday, 26 March, Year 7 students conducted fieldwork at the View Road Reserve which included taking photographs, drawing field sketches, and recording observations. This work contributes to their understanding of the liveability of places.