During Week 1 of this term, Year 7 students worked in teams to design improvements to View Road Reserve that would enhance the liveability of Burnie. Each team wrote a persuasive letter to the Burnie City Council and created a 3D model of their ideas in Minecraft. These were displayed on posters which were presented in the Chanel Atrium. 

A dedicated group of student volunteers and two special guests, Burnie City Councillors, Teeny Brumby and Amina Keygan, formed the judging panel to decide which team had the best ideas in each category. 

The winners were awarded a certificate and small prize at a Year Level Assembly on Wednesday 19 May. 

Congratulations to the following students: 

Babies and Young Children Category 
Student’s Choice Award:  Layla, Marliah and Indianna (7A) 
Council’s Choice Award:  Alice, Asha and Charlotte (7F) 
Elderly Category 
Student’s Choice Award:  Phoenix, Bailie and Thomas (7E) 
Council’s Choice Award:  Ashlyn, Isabella and Pirri (7A) 
Physical Health Category 
Student’s Choice Award:  Taig, Jacob and Jackson (7A) 
Council’s Choice Award:  April, Jasmine and Sophie (7F) 
Disabled Category 
Student’s Choice Award:  Bailey and Mataiya (7D) 
Council’s Choice Award:  Oscar, Eva and Tom (7B) 
Indigenous Category 
Student’s Choice Award:  Amelia and Aaliyah (7D) 
Council’s Choice Award:  Abbie, Gemma and Bella (7C) 
Youth Category 
OVERALL Award (Student and Council’s Choice):  Oliver, Balin and Danesh (7F) 
Environment Category 
OVERALL Award (Student and Council’s Choice):  Ayla, Halle and Eve (7A) 
Local Culture, History and Heritage 
OVERALL Award (Student and Council’s Choice):  Angus, Riley and Alexander (7F) 
Mental Health Category 
OVERALL Award (Student and Council’s Choice):  Eliza, Ryan and Lily (7F) 
Multicultural Category 
OVERALL Award (Student and Council’s Choice):  Jayden and Danara (7E) 

Great work, Year 7. You should all be very proud of your efforts. 

Never stop being an Active Citizen! 

Mrs Carolyn Winchcombe 

Learning Area Leader: Middle Years Global Connections