Earlier this year, Japanese Assistant Teacher Yumi Orihara Zoomed into our Japanese classrooms to engage students in Japanese culture lessons. We were so pleased to have her physically visit the school last week, on Monday and Thursday, and to meet her in real life. Orihara Sensei helped our Year 9s with conversation practise, deep and meaningful discussions about contemporary Japanese society as well as the ancient tradition of a Japanese Tea Ceremony or sadou. We were able to set up our tatami mats and experience a proper demonstration of sadou right in the classroom. Some of the students had a go at shakashaka (onomatopoeia for whisking!) and proved to be quite skillful! Year 8s have just started a unit on food so were introduced to some contemporary and traditional Japanese breakfasts and quizzed on their understanding. Year 7s were happy to engage in quizzes and presentations from Orihara Sensei, and 7E even had a chance to practise yosakoi, a traditional Japanese dance from Kochi Prefecture. Kochi is where our sister school is located, and some students were very keen to hear more about it! Everybody loved having Orihara Sensei around and we are so pleased she was able to come to the NorthWest for a visit. We’re hoping to have her visit again before she returns to Japan at the end of next year. Orhiara Sensei, arigatou gozaimashita! 

Ms Sophie Bird 

Head of Languages