The UTAS Science and Engineering Investigation Awards will take place at Marist Harcombe Centre on Thursday 26 August. The event will see students from all across the NW Coast (Year 5-12) battle it out for top honours and great prizes. 

Senior STEM Club students are finalising entries and will join Year 9 STEM class, Physical Science Foundation students and a large cohort from Middle Years at the UTAS Awards. 

The Marist community wishes ‘Good Luck’ to all our budding researchers!! 

Ms Ann Burke 

STEM Coordinator


STEM Club entrants 

Nichola Williams: Year 9  

Eggshellant Thinking: An investigation into the occurrence of seasonal variations in calcium carbonate masses found in egg shells.

Penny Tassicker: Year 9 

Sweetness and Blight: An investigation into the use of artificial sweeteners and potential development antibiotic resistance. 

Kate Deane: Year 11 

Tasmanian Kelp Extract – Unearthed and Unpacked:  

An investigation into the processes applied in the production and uses of sodium alginate extracted from Tasmanian kelp. 

Seonaid Campbell: Year 12 

Time to Split: An investigation into potential production of Green Hydrogen in Australia using solar energy to electrolytically split acidulated water.