In Term 1, the Maths Faculty ran several Maths competitions. The Australian Mathematics Olympiad (AMO), the Mathematics Association of Tasmania’s Problem-Solving Competition and Australian Mathematics Trust Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) competition.  

The results from the AMO and the Problem-Solving competitions are in.  

We are proud to announce that Arlo Taylor (Yr 11) received a Bronze Award in the AMO; this award is given to students who achieved in the top 50% of students. This is a very challenging competition in which approximately 100 students from around Australia are invited by the Australian Mathematics Trust to take part. The competition was split over 2 days, where students solve 4 problems each day within a 4-hour time limit. Congratulations, Arlo! 

We are also proud to announce that Penny Tassicker (Yr 10) has won the Mathematics Association of Tasmania’s Problem-Solving Competition in the Year 9 -10 division, winning $100. Arlo Taylor (Yr 11) came second in the Year 11-12 division, winning $80. A fantastic achievement by both students! Nye Reeves (Yr 11) and Matthias Hii (Yr 8) were both awarded Honourable Mention Certificates for strong performances in their divisions.  

Finally, congratulations to all students who have entered one of the competitions so far.  

Our next Maths competition is the Australian Mathematics Competition, with entry forms available later in the term from Student Services.  

Mr Mike Clancy 

Learning Area Leader – Mathematics