Traditionally, parents and guardians are provided with a Mid-Year Report of their child’s progress in July each year. However, due to the COVID-19 Learning at Home period, Catholic Education Tasmania (CET) have recommended a modified reporting process for 2020 only. 

Therefore, Marist Regional College, in line with these CET recommendations, will prepare modified Mid-Year Reports for students in Years 7 to 10, to be released to parents and guardians by the end of August 2020. These Mid-Year Reports will provide a snapshot of student learning and progress over Terms 1 and 2. The reporting period will not be inclusive of assessments undertaken in Term 3. 

The key purpose of the modified Mid-Year Report continues to be supporting student learning by providing information to students and parents about student achievement and progress. The extended timeframe provides teachers with the maximum time to assess your child’s progress upon their return to school, whilst accounting for the adjustments to learning and teaching during the Learning at Home period. 

Years 7-10 

For Years 7 to 10, an overall achievement on the A-E scale, will not be provided. Student progress will be defined as Developing, Consolidating, or Extending against the relevant strands for each subject, indicating achievement against the expected standard for Terms 1 and 2. 

The A-E ratings are not included in this report as some students performed differently during the Learning at Home period. Reporting against the strands only will fairly illustrate your child’s progress through this period of diverse learning environments. 

Reporting will be undertaken for the following subjects, which had a formal continuation of teaching and learning during the Learning at Home period: 

Religious Education, English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education 

Languages (Years 9 and 10 only) 

Electives (Year 10 only) 

Sport Science (Year 9 and 10 only) 

Senior College 

Senior College reports, which will also be issued in August, will continue to provide grades against relevant criteria, as per the usual process for assessment conducted in Terms 1 and 2. Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses will be completed using the Employability Skills Template for reporting. If a criterion is not applicable (not yet assessed), this will be noted for Year 10 and Senior College VET courses. 

All courses will be reported against relevant criteria in the usual way, except for Year 11 Community Service Learning and Year 12 Inspiring Change, which were not able to run as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. 

VET Animal Studies through GOTAFE will not provide a report at this time until competencies have been confirmed. 

Teachers may indicate on the report that a parent/teacher discussion is welcome or required. Please make contact with the teacher to organise a mutually beneficial time and a preferred meeting format, that is, in person, by phone or via an online platform. 

As always, you are invited to communicate with your child’s teachers at any time to discuss any aspect of their learning. This can be done by emailing the teacher or calling the Main Office to arrange a phone conversation at a mutually convenient time. 

We appreciate this year has been challenging and unprecedented, and we thank you for continuing to partner with Marist Regional College to ensure your child receives the best possible learning outcomes across multiple on-line and in class environments. 

As we continue to build on our use of electronic platforms to provide feedback to families, we will be releasing your child/s report through your MEL Parent Portal. Should you have any barriers to accessing your MEL Parent Portal, you can access My MRC on the College website which provides further assistance to access your portal. 

We hope this report stimulates discussion about your son or daughter’s learning and the mid-year break is an enjoyable time for your family. 

Mrs Kerrie Flynn 

Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching