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4 June 2020, 1:35PM

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How quickly we find ourselves in Week 6 of Term 2. With the many challenges we have faced with the pandemic, I have been impressed with the resilience and commitment of our students. Working closely with our Senior College Year 12 students at the Career Centretheir focus on completing secondary studies has been unwavering.  

The interest, enthusiasm and vitality around the Career Centre has been outstanding. Students have been frequently making use of study lines and lunchtimes to follow up on appointments, email requests and questions to the Career Centre, develop Zoom sessions with universities, complete applications and research different careers.  

The pleasing news is that from this week we have fifty eight Year 12 students who have taken advantage of the School Recommendation Program initiated from the University of Tasmania. This program enables students to apply to the University without having to rely solely on gaining an ATAR score. A team of teachers will assess the UTAS assessment rubric. This is a much fairer entry scheme to that offered from a one score ATAR ranking. At UTAS, courses of study with a non-quota will have students gaining early offers, which removes the stress and anxiety of an entry score dependent on an ATAR.  

This year, another exciting development at the Career Centre has been the introduction of an innovative digital careers platform, which enables students to undertake a Profiling Report. 

All Year 10 and Senior College students will undertake a Profiling Report to assist with career pathway development and identify careers of particular interest and suitability.  

The College’s Career Centre has invested in the product this year as we strive to inspire and empower our students to make informed career decisions.  The message is clear: If you can see it, you can be it and this product showcases 800+ pieces of industry and course content that can show your child all of the options on offer to them post high school. 

The digital program is a touchpoint for our students to not only experience different industries, but to see these industries in action and to learn from professionals.  

What does the program involve? 

Each student creates an individual account and will have 24/7 access to This includes: 

  • Over 800 pieces of industry content, 
  • Including virtual tours, videos, podcasts, career timelines and more.  

Content examples include, ‘How to get a job at a Big 4 accounting firm’, ‘The truth about studying exercise science,’ ‘What are the job prospects for a future lawyer,’ ‘What to expect inside an engineering degree,’ ‘Site tour with a residential builder’. 

  • Virtual work experience tasks 
  • A job finder and CV builder 
  • Profiling assessment 
  • Live webinars 
  • Live guest speakers 
  • Career goal tracking 

There is no cost to you or your child to be involved as the Careers Centre funds this program. If you wish to discuss this further, please contact Mr Horniblow at the College. 


Mr Tim Horniblow 

Careers Advisor