2021 proved to be a very exciting year for the Music Department. At the close of Term 2, permission was granted for some long-overdue renovations to the Music area which include the re-walling of our central workspace to create a custom-built storage area, guitar storage and workshop, a mixing and recording capable band rehearsal space, a custom designed midi keyboard and computer lab (a first for Catholic Education in Tasmania), and a 90+ seat fully equipped performance space! 

Many people have worked very hard to enable this project to move forward, and I particularly wish to thank, Ms Gabrielle Woods and Mr Gregg Sharman for their vision in allowing this project to happen, and also, Mr Nigel Smith for his dedication and bringing together a team of highly skilled professionals to have key areas completed ready for the start of the academic year. 

Packing, Clearing and Demolition! 

Anyone who has done renovations knows it is more than just making the changes – it is everything that must be sorted and moved before the work can begin. Many hours and 15+ wheelie bins later, 50 years of accumulation had been reorganised, removed, and relocated to other parts of the Music area so demolition could begin.

Many thanks 

Thomas Lamb 

Learning Area Leader – Arts