On Wednesday, 30 March, the Year 10 Packages of Learning class participated in a series of Heavy Industry tours in the local community.   

Workplaces inspected were Elphinstone’s, Burnie, focusing on the construction of large heavy machinery for mining purposes; William Adams, Somerset, who build and repair large engines and accessories for heavy machinery; and SED Graders, Wynyard, specialising in laser production of ingenious stainless steel and computerised assembly line products for industries such as the oyster and agricultural industries.  

Students were exposed to a real workplace with real work and life expectations.  They experienced first-hand how the workplace operates daily in each industry, their production methodology and continuous improvement strategies, and Occupational Health and Safety requirements.  Significantly, all three industry representatives stressed the following advice with regards to being a successful applicant for an apprenticeship with their company:  

  • Come with a teachable attitude and willingness to learn
  • Presentation at interview is everything!
  • Be prepared for a literacy and numeracy test
  • Be prepared for an Aptitude test
  • Do a work placement with them to get a leg in and be ahead of the pack

A great day had by all, and the consensus by all students, it was a very worthwhile and eye-opening experience.  One student summed it all up in one sentence, ‘It now seems so real, and so close, there’s so much to learn and I can’t wait to get out there and be part of it!’. 

Appreciation and thanks go to TMEC (Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council) for organising this day for us. 

Jack Filz/Luke Wescombe/Garry Gale