Recently we had a visit from Ivan Markota, a representative of the Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council (TMMEC), which represents over 200 Tasmania businesses and industries. 

Ivan informed the students of employment and apprenticeship opportunities in these industries, including Drillers, Truck Operators, Fitters, Boilermakers, Carpenters, Electricians, Engineers, Geologists, Roofers, Bricklayers, Architects, Mechanics, Plumbers, Draftspersons, and Fabricators. Students then workshopped the skills and qualifications required to enter these occupations. Thanks, Ivan for a very informative and engaging presentation. 

Our Packages of Learning class were also treated to a series of Industry Tours and Workshops. Students were exposed to worksites and their ‘lean’ practices at Elphinstone’s (Heavy Machinery Production), William Adams (Heavy Machinery Parts and Service), and Coastal Engineering and Belting (Heavy Metal Fabricators). The focus was twofold; the variety of jobs now available in the workplace for budding apprentices, and the qualities employers are looking for. 

The common thread across all sites – they are keen on young people who will be ‘the right fit’, a team player, teachable and willing to learn new skills, prepared to do the extra 1 percent, and bring a high work ethic to the table. Thanks again to Ivan from TMMEC for helping us facilitate the days. 

Mr Jack Filz 

POL Teacher