Winter Uniform:  

A reminder to parents and guardians, next term we will be moving to wearing our full school Winter uniform. Over the course of the next two weeks please take stock of current uniform supplies so students are in the correct uniform from day 1 of Term 2. If you have any questions regarding this uniform, please do not hesitate to contact me here at the College. Your support is appreciated.  

The Resilience Project: 

Helpful hints and information:  

We all face challenges as parents and carers. In this snippet, media journalist and Channel 7 host, Hamish McLachlan, bravely discusses his daughter’s diagnosis with West Syndrome, and the journey the whole family went through during her treatment and recovery. 

For Hamish, this experience led to an innate focus on gratitude (particularly around his children) and really taking everything in, as it is, in the present moment. This reflection embodies the GEM principles (gratitude, empathy, mindfulness), and reminds us of the importance of appreciating our life season; regardless of what season we’re in. 

Please find the snippet in the Link below: 

Wellbeing Strategies for Parents & Carers – TRP@HOME ( 

The imperfects podcast: Focus-Ben Crowe 

Ben Crowe is a huge part of our humble Imperfects history. Ben’s first episode with us in 2021 continues to be one of our most listened to episodes, helping many of you, your friends and your family members. 

Ben is back in the Academy of Imperfection (split over two episodes) to spread even more wisdom that he’s accrued from decades of working with elite athletes at Nike and now at MojoCrowe. Ben’s mission is simple yet powerful… be a good human-being first and a great athlete second. And the athletes he’s helped reach their peak, including Ash Barty, Andre Agassi and Dustin Martin will attest to the amazing impact his tools can have on all of us. Because it’s like Ben says, if you play, have fun and compete… you’re an athlete. 

Most of what Ben talks about in this 2-part Academy of Imperfection is available to you via his incredible Mojo Mindset Course and app.

To learn more about Ben, Mojocrowe and the app, follow this link: 

To listen to Ben’s season 3 Imperfects episode, follow this link: 

For book recommendation, ‘The Top Five Regrets of The Dying, follow this link: 


Lastly, I would like to thank my Senior Boys Basketball team on their dedication to the season this term.  We had a great season as a team, only losing one game and taking out the NSATIS championship.  I look forward to playing in the SATIS Championship game in Term 2.  


Mr Sam Johnstone  

Deputy Principal: Pastoral Care and Well-being