We are incredibly proud of our students in the way they represent the College and take pride in their personal presentation, including before and after the start of the school day. 

  •  At Marist Regional College, we believe that having a dress code and personal presentation policy establishes a welcoming culture of school pride, a positive learning environment and high expectations.  
  • Promotes a positive image within the community with an identifiable uniform that is smart, tidy and worn appropriately.  
  • Addresses health and safety policies by ensuring students are wearing appropriate footwear and sun safe clothing.  
  • Promotes the shared belief that we are part of something special and great, and by furthering social equality among students the uniform diminishes socioeconomic differences, reducing peer pressure associated with expensive ‘brand’ clothing. 

School uniforms promote school spirit because they provide students with a sense of unity. This unity brings a bond that allows students to feel closer and more connected. Wearing a uniform and following the College expectations lets students feel united as well as brings a sense of pride in their appearance and the College. There is a belief that having all students wear a school uniform helps create a sense of belonging and a good school ethos (culture or spirit).  

Wearing a uniform instils pride because of who you are associated with and how those who have gone before you have carried themselves. Past students of our College have set an example in a variety of areas. Whether they loved academics, arts, drama, or sport there is someone who has walked the path before the present students and held the Marist Regional College banner high. People associate with and identify students because of their uniform and school name. When you are in uniform, people will associate your behaviour as a reflection of the values that our College has.  

 A school uniform and having high personal presentation expectations teaches students to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance. At Marist Regional College, we believe that these expectations also help students to prepare for when they leave school or commence part time/casual employment, and have a dress and presentation code that they must adhere to. 

 We want our students to be proud of our College and show this through the neat and tidy way they wear their uniform and present themselves. We ask all our students to wear their uniform with pride and dignity and follow the personal presentation expectations.  

 Therefore, to keep the standards of our College high and to create the same positive image of our College in the wider community, we are taking a pro-active approach to keeping our students in check with what they wear, how they wear it and uphold the College expectations of personal presentation. This includes piercings, hair tidiness, makeup, jewellery, skirt lengths (no more than a hand width above the knee in a standing position, this is about 10cm), tucking shirts in, wearing blazers to and from school etc. 

 The general expectations for students, student uniform and personal presentation policies can be found on the MEL portal.  

 We look forward to working in partnership with all our parents/guardians to support students in achieving the best outcomes possible across all areas within our College. 

Mrs Tracey Rogers  

Deputy Principal Pastoral Wellbeing