In just a few weeks’ time, staff will be writing Term 1 Progress Reports. The Progress Report is brief and is a snapshot of your child’s progress to date – the first 8 weeks of school. It is also an invitation for you to see your child’s teachers at Parent-Teacher Meetings which will be held early in Term 2. 

Whereas many students have approached the start of 2022 in a studious fashion, this cannot be said of all. Some students are still requiring a re-focus on the rules of the College that we will strictly police. Staff spend enormous amounts of time preparing, planning and marking work for student learning. It is frustrating when they have to spend time dealing with behavioural issues which should not be occurring. 

Social media certainly has its place in our lives, and when used correctly, is a wonderful resource. Of late, we have had a spate of students across all Year levels determined to produce as many Tik Tok videos as they can. Some of these videos are created at school which immediately defies the College’s Mobile Phone Policy. Most of these videos involved students in their College uniform. The Marist Regional College logo is a copyright, and MRC gives no student permission to use, or spread this logo in a negative fashion around the world. 

Most of the creators of these videos are using other students’ profiles without their permission, and most have no idea of the dangers of producing material which is offensive to others or illegal. Unfortunately, it is open to abuse from predators who troll social media. Students are directly putting themselves and their peers in danger. 

Tik Tok is a massively popular app with teens and tweens. Users can upload and share 60-second videos of themselves or peers – dancing, lip syncing or doing dangerous or provocative stunts. 

Tik Tok is addictive and boasts an endless stream of material, and students are likely to spend hours at a time watching the content. There are no restrictions on who can join the Tik Tok app and it is used internationally connecting to virtually everyone. The app makes it easy for strangers to direct message users, including children. 

Recently we discovered a site created by students at school with views over 400,000. This in itself is astounding and very dangerous.  

I have spoken with all Year levels about the misuse of phones at school and staff are policing this daily. There are severe consequences for students who wish to disregard these rules. We will confiscate phones, and students will be banned from bringing phones to school. 

 As parents, I ask you all to explore what is on your child’s phone. Please don’t fall into the guilt trip of invading their personal space. It’s important you monitor their phone content and set boundaries of phone use. Don’t be afraid to confiscate your child’s phone. Life will go on, they will survive. 

Try a home tip – Phones go into the ‘phone basket’ which is in a central area of the home, just before your child goes to bed. You will be surprised how much more sleep your child achieves each night. 

MRC Board

Congratulations and thank you to Mr Eddie Roberts. 

Eddie joined the MRC Board in 2017 becoming Chairman of the Board in 2019 and has shown total devotion to the College. Eddie has been a steady ear to a number of principals in his time, and we thank him for his wisdom and direction throughout this period. 

Eddie has two children, Montgomery and Francesco, who were educated at Marist Regional College. 

Once again, thank you Eddie. 

MRC 50th Anniversary Celebrations 

It’s official, the event will be held on 19 and 20 August 2022.  Please save the date, spread the word and share. 

A wonderful weekend of festivities and comradery for MRC current and past students, teachers and community. 

Your assistance in spreading the word will help make this weekend a most memorable event. 

Further details to follow in due course. 

Feeder School Visits 

In Week 8 of Term 1, our local Catholic Primary feeder schools will be visiting the College for a session of fun activities and tours. 

Monday, 28 March: St Brigid’s
Tuesday, 29 March: Sacred Heart
Wednesday, 30 March: Stella Maris
Friday, 1 April: St Peter Chanel and St Joseph’s 

We look forward to our young visitors exploring the College in the hope it will become their new high school in 2023. 

Sibling Enrolments 

The closing date for all MRC sibling enrolments is 31 March. For more information, please contact Jennine Williams, Enrolment Registrar on 6432 7612 or email: 

 Mother’s Day Morning Tea (Mothers of Year 12 Students) 

Save the Date – Friday, 6 May, 11.00am – 12.00. 

Further details to come. 


Kindest Regards 

Mr Noel Nethery 

Acting Principal