It’s been an extremely pleasing start to the year with all staff and students settling in well. Week one was busy and routine for all is the order of the day.  

Students in Years 7, 11 and 12 commenced two weeks ago, with highly successful Year 7 orientation days and Year 11 and 12 retreats. 

Years 8-10 commenced school on Monday, and by all reports, very smoothly. I have been out and about at break times, and I’m very encouraged by the friendliness of students and their willingness to have a casual conversation. On that note, I thank all the staff, students and parents/guardians who I have had contact with over the past weeks. I have been made to feel most welcome and it certainly feels like coming home. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time back at Marist Regional College and look forward to an extremely positive year with all in our community. 

The Awards Assembly and SRC Induction was the highlight of Week 1. The feedback of the live streams of this event from parents/guardians and students (in class) was very encouraging and may well be the way to proceed in the years ahead. Held in Conway Hall allowed for an intimate atmosphere. Thank you to those staff who organised and streamed this event to our community. 

Congratulations to all students who received awards at this event, celebrating both academic and community service highlights from 2021. 

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded Dux of their Year level. 


Year 7

Abbie Parsons



Year 8

Bo Ellis


Year 9

Lily Collins 

Elizabeth Leaver 

Charlotte Loring


Year 10

Zoe Drane 

Veyakhar Pather 

Cate Simpson  

Shyaam Thirukkumaran 



Year 11

Kasuni Indralal 

Congratulations to Manuthi Wijayasinghe who was awarded Year 12 Dux and Dux of the College 

TASC Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards for scores of 99.5 or above, was achieved by Manuthi Wijayasinghe and Sienna Thorp. 

It was a delight to have twenty of our Year 12 students from 2021 return for the awards ceremony. It was rewarding to chat with them about where their intentions and ambitions now lie for 2022 and beyond. 

SRC Induction 

A huge congratulations to our recently elected SRC who received their badge and blazer pockets.  

We look forward to working with you and the contributions you will bring to the College this year.  

For those who were unable to see the live stream, I include my opening speech which I’d like to share with the community. 

Good morning, everyone 

Welcome to the 2022 Awards of Excellence Assembly. A special welcome to parents and friends who are following this assembly on live stream. 

I acknowledge the presence of Mrs Sue Drane who will be presenting the inaugural Adrian Drane Memorial Award for a graduating Year 12 student. Adrian was the Principal of Marist Regional College from 2014 to 2019. We also acknowledge all those in business and industry who have sponsored awards for today’s assembly. We thank you for your continued support of the College. 

The purpose of the assembly today is to acknowledge and celebrate the top performers from our Years 7-12 cohort in both academic and service arenas. It also to celebrate the induction of our SRC. There are two representatives for Year 8, two from Year 9, two from Year 10, four from Year 11, and sixteen from Year 12, ably led by our two Captains; Ruben Jaensch and Stella Roberts, Vice Captains; Georgia Askew and Declan Cahill. I am delighted to see a number of our top academic students from last year return to the school this morning; we appreciate the time that you have taken and some distance you have travelled to be with us today. 

Whereas the recipients of awards today have excelled in academics, service, or leadership they clearly align themselves to the values of our school. These values of hospitality, respect, justice (love the truth), compassion and responsibility lie at the core of success and our Christian lives. These students have given their personal best effort in endeavouring to strive for excellence. Consequently, they are rewarded for this. Many of our awards today are inspired by the Marist, Marian and Mercy traditions. The school’s Mission, in alignment with Marist and Mercy charisms is to bring life to all through excellence in holistic education. 

One of the questions we continue to grapple with as educators and as a school is “how do we provide the highest quality of education for each of our students?”, particularly when there is so much change and an endless push to include more in each day. Each and every student of this wonderful school, past and present, and especially those with us today, are beneficiaries of an excellent educational foundation. 

Education is changing rapidly; the world as we know it is changing rapidly. And the face and structure of society are being re-shaped in new and emerging ways. How do we ensure that here at Marist we are responding appropriately in what we offer? Resources and facilities are certainly one way of responding, and we are always looking at providing access to the best environment for learning for our students. Innovation and maintenance is one part of the model for success. But equally important is to nurture a culture of love, respect, gratitude and compassion in developing a holistic, Catholic, and liberal education (a preparation for the rest of life). Marist Regional College aims to be a community where people from a range of backgrounds come together to learn and support one another. We want our students to leave school as good people with strong values and positive character strengths so that when they move into further study or the workforce, they will contribute as positive citizens in the community. 

What we are celebrating today is not only the success of our outstanding students, we are also celebrating the continued vitality of our commitment to education in its fullest and richest sense. 

We thank our past Year 12s for the contribution they have made to the College and wish them well in the years ahead. Congratulations to all students Years 7-12 who are receiving awards today and those students who will proudly wear a badge on their blazer pocket as student leaders of our school.  

Many thanks. 


When I commenced my teaching career at MRC in 1984, I couldn’t have been in a better space as a young, new teacher beginning my career. Not only did I have wonderful mentoring support, but I also learnt the value of high standards, both in and out of the classroom. 

In 2022, I expect the same high standards from all students and staff alike. In my view, and I hope in yours also, I see Marist Regional College as the “school of choice” on the north-west coast. As such, we must show to our community all the “measured outcomes” (what people see) in a very positive light. 

Our uniform is to be worn correctly with pride, both at school and out, and commensurate with our Uniform Policy. Girls’ skirts need to be of appropriate length as stated in our Uniform Policy. Our local community sees and judges us on our appearance. I have asked staff to monitor uniforms daily. 

Mobile Phones and Bus Travel 

All students, Years 7-12 are to adhere to these two policies. Last week, all students signed an agreement of correct use. Bus behaviour is to be exemplary for obvious safety reasons, and if necessary, we will suspend students from bus services if their behaviour is putting the safety of any student at risk on that bus. 

Mobile Phones/Smart Watches 

These may be brought to school if necessary but are to be placed in lockers between 8.30am and 2.50pm. Students from Years 7-10 may access these at break times to check or send messages but are not to leave their locker area. Year 11 and 12 students are allowed to access their mobile phones at break times but only in the Senior College corridor and common room. 

All students are responsible for their own belongings (including mobile phones and smart watches) as the school takes no responsibility for the loss or damage of these devices. 

To this end, all students are to have pad locks on their lockers to secure all personal belongings. Again, I have asked staff to police this with diligence. 

Care for the Environment 

Another measured outcome is how we keep our grounds neat and tidy. Our grounds staff are exceptionally diligent in presenting a beautiful campus. I expect students to monitor our beautiful surroundings by placing all rubbish in bins and being proud and protective of their school environment. 


Of most importance, however, is that all students and staff respect each other so that all can teach and learn in a positive, safe learning environment. In accordance with our true Christian faith, we respect, encourage, and acknowledge differences in all. 


Students in Years 7-9 have a Student Diary which is to be monitored on a weekly basis by staff and parents/guardians. 

Of particular note, included in the diary are daily mindfulness and resilience activities students are asked to complete, both in their Pastoral Care classes of a morning and in their own time at home. These activities specifically focus on Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness (GEM), and are part of the holistic GEM Program we wish to present to Years 7-12 students and their families. Students in Years 10-12 do not have the diary at this time; however, a program is currently being written for our Seniors and will be delivered in Term 2. We look forward to launching the GEM Program for parents/guardians at an Information Evening sometime in early Term 2. 

We all look forward to a busy, exciting, fun, and fulfilling year for our community. For any queries you may have, please do not hesitate to contact either myself, your child’s teachers, or Pastoral Care Group Leaders. Keeping an open and honest line of communication between all parties is essential for success. 

May Christ’s love be with you all. 


Mr Noel Nethery

Acting Principal