Congratulations to Sanuli Karunaratne whose stunning piece ‘Quiet Evenings’ (see below) received an Honourable Mention in Little Stories, Big Ideas, a recent micro fiction competition. The judges commended Sanuli on her creativity and beautiful writing. We are so very proud of your amazing achievement, Sanuli. 


the crooning of the birds 

emphasises the warmth of 

the muted blaze of the  

fireplace numbing the cold  

with stolen heat and  

the burning scent of cherry   


hushed whispers and secrets, 

the knocking of the swaying 

trees against the glass window, 

the worn-out arm of the  

weary sofa nestled under 

the weight of our knees 


long forgotten jasmine tea 

and burnt-out lavender 

scented candles, sweeping 

smoke of shaded fields  

of sleepy violet and vanilla, 

faces hidden behind  

cold-shaped fingers and  

palms, soft cradling  


laughter and unnecessary  

secrets and truths sing  

the melody of a lifetime  

of quiet evenings, the  

chorus humming us  

melting lullabies. 

                                             -quiet evenings