Pictured above: Students from the Circular Head area with College Principal Mr Gregg Sharman. Around 80 students travel each day to Burnie to access secondary Catholic education. From left: Thomas Nibbs, Gregg Sharman, Erin Somerville, Leeanne Dela Cruz, Nikki Bramich. 

Reaching Out for Better Outcomes: 

A project to explore a future model for delivering choice in secondary  

Catholic education for the Circular Head area 

SAVE THE DATE  Wednesday, 31 March 2021 

Dear Families of the Circular Head region 

Marist Regional College is undertaking a project to explore, with students, parents/guardians, teachers, the Catholic community, business, industry and the broader Circular Head communities, a future model for delivering choice in secondary Catholic education. 

There are two factors driving the ‘Reaching Out for Better Outcomes’ project. Firstly, around 80 of our students travel three hours or more each day from the Circular Head area, to access quality secondary Catholic education at the College in Burnie.   

The second consideration is how we make the best use of the technology available to access learning. During the Covid pandemic restrictions, the College community – teachers, students and parents/guardians – responded positively and successfully adapted to learning on-line.  

An opportunity exists for us to work together to ‘co-design’ a future model that is both feasible and desirable, where better student, family and community outcomes can be achieved. We see many potential opportunities academically, socially, environmentally and economically for the Circular Head region and its young people.  

Our intent will be to learn and understand what the present ‘lived experience’ of accessing secondary Catholic education in Burnie is like for you. This can include what this has been like as a parent/guardian or a student, now or those potentially in the future. There could be things that work for you, those you’d like to be different and questions that as a group we will be asking ourselves. 

The project team will be in Smithton on Wednesday, 31 March at the St Peter Chanel Catholic School to hear your thoughts. This will be the first step in the project and will inform the development of future model options. 

Two session times are offered – one at 1.15pm and another 6.00pm. At these one-hour sessions you’ll have the opportunity to meet the members of the project team, learn about College developments, share your thoughts and ideas on future secondary education access models, meet other people, and enjoy a positive experience to improve access opportunities. 

Your child does not need to be a current member of the St Peter Chanel Catholic School community to attend; everyone is welcome to be involved.  

If you can please save the date and select a time on Wednesday, 31 March, 2021 at either 1.15pm or 6.00pm 

To register, please complete the following registration linkRegistration Form or email principal@mrc.tas.edu.au or phone 6432 7612. 

We hope you will be able to be part of this exciting planning project for your community, school and college.    

Mr Gregg Sharman  


Marist Regional College