Congratulations to our Boys 1sts Basketball team who defeated Launceston Grammar in the NSATIS Grand Final. Year 12 student Jayce Little was the leading scorer for the team with 36 points in the game, which included four 3 pointers in a row to turn the game in MRC’s favour. It is the first NSATIS title the Boys team has won since 2016. 

Congratulations also to our Boys 1sts Tennis team who defeated St Patricks in the NSATIS Grand Final, making it back-to-back NSATIS Championships. With both doubles teams taking out wins to set up the tie, the boys went on to win 4 rubbers to 2 to claim the trophy.  Both teams will play in the SATIS final in early term 2. The Boys 2nds put up a strong fight, unfortunately going down to Launceston Grammar 2 rubbers to 4 in their Grand Final. The Girls 1sts tennis team will play in their NSATIS Grand Final next Wednesday 29 March versus Scotch Oakburn. 

Good luck to our NSATIS Athletics team competing in Launceston on Tuesday 28 March, and also to the Boys Basketball team that is heading to Adelaide to compete in the 31st MSA Basketball Carnival. They will be joined by 19 other Marist schools from around Australia taking part in the sporting, spiritual and educational exchange. 

Mr Thomas Lutwyche 

Head of Sport 

Swimming & Athletic Carnivals Results 

Congratulations to the following students who were recognised as grade Champions and Runners up from the recent Swimming and Athletics Carnivals 


Name  Age Bracket  House    
Krystal Webb  U13  McAuley  Champion 
Annika Prisell
Makenzie Barnard 
U13  Frayne
Letesha Cox  U14  McAuley  Champion 
Harriet Byrne  U14  Frayne  Runner-Up 
Graci Malley  U15  Chanel  Champion 
Gemma King  U15  Frayne  Runner-Up 
Oceania Eustace  U16  Frayne  Champion 
Olivia Jones  U16  Colin  Runner-Up 
Millie McGregor  Open  Frayne  Champion 
Lily Collins  Open  Colin  Runner-Up 


Name  Age Bracket  House    
Anderson Towns  U13  Chanel  Champion 
Ruben Lovric  U13  McAuley  Runner-Up 
Campbell Jones  U14  Colin  Champion 
Samuel Ryan  U14  Colin  Runner-Up 
Finley O’Malley  U15  Colin  Champion 
Harry Dale  U15  McAuley  Runner-Up 
Jackson Lawson  U16  Chanel  Champion 
Heath Palmer  U16  Colin  Runner-Up 
Jack Latham  Open  Colin  Champion 
Tom Parsons  Open  Frayne  Runner-Up 


Total House Points Junior & Senior Swim Carnivals 
House  Overall Points     Junior Carnival  Senior Carnival 
Frayne  6094  Frayne  2355  3739 
Colin  4562  Colin  1876  2686 
Chanel  4548  Chanel  1775  2773 
McAuley  4236  McAuley  1603  2633 




Name  Age Bracket  House    
Mia Fehlberg  U13  Chanel  Champion 
Chiamaka Gbenga  U13  Colin  Runner-Up 
Zahli Wescombe  U14  Frayne  Champion 
Inika Barnes  U14  Colin  Runner-Up 
Gemma King  U15  Frayne  Champion 
Pirri Barnes  U15  Colin  Runner-Up 
Tully Parke  U16  McAuley  Champion 
Oceania Eustace  U16  Frayne  Runner-Up 
Cate Simpson  Open  Chanel  Champion 
Chelsea Scolyer  Open  McAuley  Runner-Up 


Name  Age Bracket  House    
Lincoln Kelly  U13  Colin  Champion 
Anderson Towns  U13  Chanel  Runner-Up 
Jesse Turner  U14  Frayne  Champion 
James Reilly  U14  Frayne  Runner-Up 
Masimba Chindewere  U15  McAuley  Champion 
Jacob Stretton  U15  McAuley  Runner-Up 
Jobie Wescombe  U16  Colin  Champion 
Bowen Clemons  U16  McAuley  Runner-Up 
Joel Cooper  Open  McAuley  Champion 
Jack Latham  Open  Colin  Runner-Up 



Name  Age Bracket  House    
Krystal Webb  U13  McAuley  Champion 
Amelia Wickham  U13  Frayne  Runner-Up 
Zahli Wescombe  U14  Frayne  Champion 
Maya Davies  U14  Colin  Runner-Up 
Jasmine Minton-Connell   U15  Colin  Champion 
Milana Harnett  U15  Chanel  Runner-Up 
Millie Baker  U16  Colin  Champion 
Ella Williams  U16  Colin  Runner-Up 
Jennifer Fuller  Open  Frayne  Champion 
Olivia Collins  Open  Chanel  Runner-Up 


Name  Age Bracket  House    
Lincoln Kelly  U13  Colin  Champion 
Deacon Heald  U13  Frayne  Runner-Up 
William Pointon  U14  Colin  Champion 
Maxwell Innes  U14  Colin  Runner-Up 
Mason Ling  U15  Frayne  Champion 
Harry Dale  U15  McAuley  Runner-Up 
Bowen Clemons  U16  McAuley  Champion 
Tom Riley  U16  Chanel  Runner-Up 
Finn Peach  Open  Chanel  Champion 
Kane Walsh  Open  McAuley  Runner-Up 

Athletics House Points   

Chanel  5490  Frayne  6051  Colin  5958  McAuley  6408 
2738  2752  2826  3225  2906  3052  2985  3423 
Day 1  Day 2  Day 1  Day 2  Day 1  Day 2  Day 1  Day 2