We have the pleasure to announce the following appointments for 2021.  

Year 7 Year Level Coordinator (Shared Role):  

Mrs Caroline Brett becomes an ongoing member of staff next year and will share the role of Year Level Coordinator for Year 7 with Mrs Jess Magee. Caroline knows Chanel well, having spent much of her time there this year. Caroline has also invested her time in the leadership professional learning space in 2020.   

Mrs Jess Magee joins us next year from Dominic College. Jess will teach and undertake the roles of the Head of Drama, and Coordinator for Music Ministry. Jess will also share the role of Year Level Coordinator for Year 7 with Caroline Brett, bringing significant leadership as an experienced Year Level Coordinator.   

Year 9 Year Level Coordinator (Shared Role):  

Mrs Rachael Shires becomes an ongoing member of staff next year and will share the role of Year Level Coordinator for Year 9 with Mr Sam Johnstone. Rachael has been outstanding in her leadership since taking on this current responsibility.   

Mr Sam Johnstone joins us next year from St Brigid’s Catholic School, Wynyard where he is a teacher and Religious Education Coordinator. Sam will teach and share the Year Level Coordinator role for Year 9 with Mrs Rachael Shires. Sam has lengthy experience as a Year Level Coordinator in the DoE and is a former MRC student.   

Student Support Coordinator (formerly titled LEC Coordinator):  

Mrs Sophia Jackson joins us from Somerset Primary School having worked with DoE in both primary and secondary schools. Last year, Sophia completed her Master of Education (Special Educational Needs). Sophia will teach and be one of the two (2) Student Support Coordinators.  

Mrs Rachael Shires has also been appointed in the other Student Support Coordinator role, primarily working with the staff, families and students from our senior classes, Years 9-12.  

We have essentially doubled our resource in this area as a strong commitment to servicing our students who are arguably most in need. We would like to thank Mrs Helen Cox for her time as our Learning Enrichment Coordinator. Helen will remain at the College in an alternative role, where her experience and expertise will remain valuable.  

Learning Area Leader – Technologies/Teacher: 

Mr Stuart Cooper joins us next year from Parklands High School where he currently has the role of Advanced Skills Teacher. Stuart is an experienced MDT teacher and program coordinator with a trade background in metal fabrication.   

Teacher – VET Nursing:  

Mrs Hayley Wolstenholme joins us for 2021 as the VET Specialist teacher for Introduction to Nursing and Health Occupations. Hayley has extensive experience as a registered nurse and this year, has taught the Introduction to Nursing (Certificate III) at Parklands High School and Hellyer College.  

Teacher – Middle Years Maths/Science: 

Ms Vanessa Wright will join the Middle Years Maths/Science team as an experienced teacher who has been in an Advanced Skills Teaching (AST) role at Devonport High School. She has Bachelor degrees in both Teaching and Applied Science and wide-ranging experience in positions of leadership. 

Teacher – Senior School Maths/Science: 

Mr Mitchell Atkinson will join the Senior School Maths/Science team as a graduate with Master of Teaching from UTAS. Mitchell also holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science and has been working as an environmental consultant since 2010. 

Teacher – MDT: 

Suzanne Woolley will join the Technologies team as an experienced MDT Teacher from Salesian Catholic College in Sunbury, Victoria. Suzanne is a trade qualified Cabinet Maker and Joiner and holds a Bachelor of Education (Technology). Her main teaching areas are Woodwork, Product Design, Textiles and Food Studies.

Ms Mollie Powell has been appointed to an ongoing teaching role following a successful contract appointment this year. Mollie has a Master of Teaching and Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). 

Pathways Advisor: 

Mr Luke Wescombe has been appointed to the role of Pathways Advisor. 

Administrative Officer to Leadership Team:  

Mrs Sherry Rand has been appointed as Administrative Officer to the Leadership Team, providing support to both our Deputy Principals.  

Please join use in congratulating all of the above-mentioned appointees, both new and returning to Marist Regional College.   

We must also congratulate and extend our considerable thanks to the following staff who are finishing Positions of Leadership:  

  • Mrs Carolyn Winchcombe for her 3 years’ dedication to the role of Year Level Coordinator for Year 7. 
  • Mrs Helen Cox for her 4 years’ dedication to the role of Learning Enrichment Coordinator. 
  • Mr Shaun Summers for his 7 years’ dedication to the role of Learning Area Leader – Technologies.  
  • Mr Tim Horniblow  for his dedication and commitment to the Pathways Advisor role at this College over many years. 

 We thank our outgoing leaders for their work during their tenures and congratulate our incumbents. 


Mrs Kerrie Flynn (Deputy Principal: Learning and Teaching)
Best wishes to Mrs Kerrie Flynn as she takes on an Acting Principalship at St Peter Chanel Catholic School, Smithton for 2021. Kerrie’s replacement will be finalised by early next week.  

This is a great opportunity for Kerrie to advance her leadership and further grow and develop. We are excited for her, that she is able to have the opportunity to serve this Catholic school for the year. Conversations around our relationship with the Circular Head community have been made this year and the mutual opportunities that exist. Kerrie’s leadership will only help these conversations advance.  

We sincerely thank Kerrie for her contributions to the College in important leadership roles. Let’s see what the future holds for her. We are pleased that Kerrie has this opportunity as this College is about providing both staff and students with opportunities to pursue their dreams.  

Mrs Aileen Powell (Director of Organisation) 
Mrs Aileen Powell has recently been successful in applying for the position of Director of Organisation at St Brendan-Shaw College, Devonport, commencing January 2021. Aileen will be working much closer to home at St Brendan’s.   

Special thanks must also go to Aileen for her time working with the SRC; this has been appreciated. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Aileen for her commitment and contribution to the College over the last two years

Mr Patrick Fabian (Director of Faith and Ministry) 
Mr Patrick Fabian has accepted the role of Head of Learning and Teaching at Leighland Christian School. 

The role is part of the school’s senior leadership and oversees the development of secondary curriculum as well as leading the Learning Area Leaders and coordinators. This is an exciting leadership opportunity for Patrick Patrick commenced at MRC at the beginning of the 2014 school year. During his time here he has held the following Positions of Leadership: 

  • Director of Faith and Ministry: 2019 and 2020 
  • Acting Director of Faith and Ministry: 2017 and 2018 
  • Head of Languages: 2015 to 2019  

Patrick has been an invaluable member of the College Leadership Team for some time now. Through a challenging period, he has been a thoroughly dependable and professional leader in all aspects of his leadership.  

Ms Helenmarie Desmond (Head of Drama)
Helenmarie has been a staff member at the College since 2011. She is moving to Victoria to be closer to her family and has accepted an exciting teaching opportunity. Helenmarie has been an immense contributor to our Arts team here at the College, as well as in the wider community. Her involvement, commitment and leadership in our Musicals is legendary.  

Furthermore, Helenmarie’s contribution has extended beyond her department, leading the Marist Music Ministry for many years. We would like to thank Helenmarie for her contributions to the College and wish her all the very best for the future. 

Ms Sophie Bird (Languages) 
Ms Sophie Bird has been fortunate to secure a transfer to St Aloysius Catholic College in Hobart and will be moving back to her “home community”, Kaota. 

Sophie has been an extremely passionate teacher of Japanese since 2015. As many of you would be aware, like Mr Fabian, Ms Bird has even taken our students on international trips in her time with us. These experiences do not happen in all schools – we’ve been very lucky!  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Sophie for her commitment to the College for the past 6 years. 

Mrs Chelsea Gale (Teacher) 
Mrs Chelsea Gale has officially resigned from the staff of Marist Regional College after having some time away over the last year or more.  

Many of you would remember Chelsea in the roles she has held. She began teaching at the Collegin 2012 and provided leadership, particularly in the role of Year Level Coordinator. 

We would like to thank Chelsea for her contributions to the College and wish her all the very best in her future endeavours. 

Ms Ally Douglas (Relief Administrative Officer to Leadership Team)
We would like to thank Ms Ally Douglas who returned to the College to provide administrative support to the Deputy Principals for the remainder of 2020. We wish her all the best for the future. 

Mrs Angela Hancock (Teacher Assistant) 

Congratulations to Mrs Angela Hancock who has been successful in receiving the Tasmanian Intern Teacher Placement Program Scholarship for 2021-2022 and has been placed at Parklands High School for 2021.  

Mrs Lisa Weary (Teacher Assistant) 

Mrs Lisa Weary commenced at the College in Term 4. We would like to thank Lisa for her support and contribution to the College. 


We would like to thank our trainees for the support they have provided to both our staff and students for the past year. We wish them every success in the future. 

  •  Miss Keeley Sharman (Trainee – Youth Ministry) 
  •  Mr Liam Viney (Trainee – Sports and Harcombe) 

The following leadership positions are being finalised next week/early next year: 

  • Deputy Principal: Learning and Teaching 
  • Director of Faith and Ministry  
  • Director of Organisation