The current environment of learning from home, which has been necessitated by COVID-19 allows for a certain degree of flexibility, diversity and creativity in STEM course delivery.  STEM classes are now being offered via digital platforms, but College STEM Clubs, sadly, have been postponed for the present. Despite these interruptions to regular schooling, opportunities are available for students to work with mentors, with their parents, or with guidance from Ms Burke, to prepare entries for a number of competitions and challenges. 

Some competitions, like the UTAS Science and Engineering Investigation Awards (also known as the UTAS Science Fair, hosted annually at Cradle Coast Campus) are being ‘put on ice’ until 2021, but the Tasmanian Science Talent Search (TSTS), hosted by the Science Teachers’ Association of Tasmania (STAT) will, in 2020, run all of its varied challenges as normal, albeit with more digital entries than had previously been the case. 

Details on TSTS and an information booklet can be found at: 

Round 1 STEM Entries – Due Wednesday 10 June 2020 @5pm (Ages [generally]: prep – senior secondary) 

                    Picture Story Books                           Videos 

                    Creative Writing                                Scientific Essays 

                    Posters                                                STEM Challenge 

                    Photographic Essays 


Round 2 STEM Entries – Due Thursday 17 Sept 2020 @5pm (Ages [generally]: prep – senior secondary) 

                   Research Investigations                  Invention/Engineering 

                   Natural Sciences Project 

With a prize pool of over $15,000 on offer, and free entry to students from member schools (Marist is a STAT member), these Talent Search challenges are certainly worth the effort. They are also a fun way of showcasing your knowledge and skills in the STEM field, while engaging in learning from home. Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it, so get going now with your entry. You will be glad you did!! 

For further details see the STAT website and download the Information Booklet, or send an email to Ms Burke (