Reading is a significant focus in Middle Years Global Connections, as there are numerous benefits for all students.  

  1. Reading is a vital life skill. 
  2. Reading enables further learning to occur.  
  3. Reading develops literacy. 


Every week, each Year 7 and 8 class participate in “The Reading Room” for one double lesson. The first lesson is devoted to silent reading and the second lesson is focused on reading response activities.  

The focus of “The Reading Room” is reading for pleasure. Students choose their own reading material and are welcome to position themselves comfortably in the classroom. 

At various times through the term, students are provided with an opportunity to visit the College Library to update their reading material. During these visits, Library Staff offer support for students to find a book that interests them.  


Jessie Gates (Year 7): “I think that the Reading Room is a really good idea, and a nice way to spend our Global Connections lessons. We get to sit/lay down with pillows and blankets and read for a period, then reflect on our reading. It is a nice change from normal classes and gives us a chance to relax and get lost in a good book”. 

Zeph Bourke (Year 7): “The Reading Room is the best ever because I can relax and chill out and I can read my book that I love so much. Thank-you for the Reading Room”. 

Anastasia Smedley (Year 7): “I really enjoy the Reading Room as it gives me some time to relax and sit with some friends and read a book of choice, I also really like the fact that we have some comfortable pillows and blankets as it provides me and others with an even better environment for reading.  Overall, I really enjoy the time we get”. 

Conor Kelly (Year 7): “I personally found the Reading Room really good and relaxing. I’m not really a reader but because of the library I found a book I’m interested in, and usually don’t have time at home that often to read a book so the Reading Room is good for me”. 

Indianna Whittlesea (Year 7): “In the Reading Room we read for about 40 minutes once a week. As a student I think the Reading Room is a really good idea because it helps us to focus on the book not the movements the other students are making. Did you know that reading for 40 minutes can help reduce stress and also builds a better memory? It can also improve your knowledge and writing skills!” 


We look forward to welcoming staff and older students from around the College to the Reading Room to enjoy reading with our Middle Years students. These guest readers will come in and either read something to the whole class, a small group of students, or one on one with a student. There are a number of purposes to this…. 

  1. To expose students to a variety of reading material. 
  2. To model reading to students. 
  3. To foster more discussions about reading. 
  4. To engage students who might feel that reading is not very exciting. 
  5. To provide opportunities for older students and staff to engage with Middle Years students in a new way. 


Students are encouraged to continue reading at home for at least 20 minutes a day. The benefits of this small commitment are shown below. 


  • Set an example by modeling reading at home. 
  • Visit your local library or book store.  
  • Create a reading-friendly area in the house. 
  • Keep reading materials in the house. 
  • Have a discussion about what you’re reading.  
  • Read together (silently and aloud).