VET Certificate II in Animal Studies – A practical workshop assessment experience  

Over two planned days, students enrolled in this VET course came together from different schools, including Leighland Christian School and St Brendan Shaw College, to participate in practical hands-on assessments aligned with competency-based training.  A farm in Stowport catered to many different varieties of animals, which suited a mix of assessment outcomes.  Students were put to the test, cleaning out cages, checking temperatures of dogs and cats, understanding the behaviour of animals and how to best support animals when placed in an examination environment.  Further, students were shown how to resuscitate a dog.  As this course is 95% on-line course work it is valuable learning, and assessment from scenarios set up in a real working farm environment. Good job, everyone!  

VET Year 10 and SC Certificate II in Hospitality and VET Year 10 and Certificate II in Music  

Somerset Surf Life Saving Club Dinner Function (SSLC) 

On the weekend, over 10 students from a mix of two different levels in Hospitality and Music came together to perform and complete a variety of tasks for assessment (and simply gain experience) at the Somerset Surf Life Saving Club.  VET Hospitality students worked with a caterer to take food orders, serve hot and cold plates, cleaned and provided Responsible Service of Alcohol under the watchful eyes of Ms Licandro and Miss Reeves.  Students thoroughly enjoyed interacting with guests and learning how to pour beer and ginger beer on tap.  They cleaned tables, providing service to both front and back of house areas.  Awesome work everyone!

VET Music students set up the gig (their first) from start to finish with guidance from their VET trainer, Mr O’Connell and played outstanding music in the background, while guests ate and chattedAs this was the first external event for the Music students, Mr O’Connell was incredibly impressed by their professional approach and dedication displaying high levels of expertise to their work throughout the entirety of the night.  There were even two traditional dances provided by Fine Fifita (student), which literally took all guests by surprise – you could not hear a pin drop while she dazzled the audience with beautiful and technical dancing.  

Feedback from the SSLC members was extremely positive with comments that included, “Wow, the students are so professional”, “I love the singers and soft music playing in the background”, “Marist students are very polite and professional”, and “They all took care of us very well”.  One guest also excitedly commented, “I just gave Jake a lesson on how to pour tap beer, and he did it perfectly”.  It was a wonderful night, learning while having fun and students being assessed as though they didn’t feel a thing!  

Miss Jen Reeves  

VET Coordinator