VET Introduction to Nursing & Health Occupations Course – Day at University of Tasmania

13 May 2022, 2:21PM

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This year, our students have had the privilege of spending 3 full days working off campus in the Nursing Simulation Lab at the new UTAS facility in West Park. They have completed the first learning session in Week 1 of this Term and had a fully immersive day and a positive learning outcome.  It was an excellent opportunity for students to explore real-world examples of study, and to discuss career opportunities and pathways in the health industry with the educators. The students also got to hear from professional Nursing educators and professors with their own personal career stories. 

Our VET students worked alongside current UTAS Nursing students in teams engaging in hands-on activities by working through different scenarios in the state-of-the-art Nursing SIM labs. The scenarios included a CPR drill, managing a patient having an asthma attack, making an occupied bed, and using a hoist. The students voiced their amazement at the real-life look and feel of all the equipment, including the coughing, breathing and talking manikins…with pulses and so much more! 

All students experienced what it would feel like to study at university level, and many were surprised at how accessible it is, and left inspired and excited for further days to come. 

 Miss Jen Reeves 

VET Coordinator