The Australian National Virtual Debating Competition kicked off with a tough debate against Central West Leadership Academy A. Our Senior Debating Team argued “That conflicts between countries should not directly involve other countries”. As the affirmative team, we did our best to argue this point against a skilled opposition.  

Isabel was the first speaker, arguing that when other countries get involved the wars become longer, and can turn global, causing more hurt.  

I was next up, putting forward the point that human life is precious, so we should preserve it as much as we can – by only sending humanitarian aid, not weapons. The Vietnam War was also mentioned as a cautionary tale against proxy wars. 

Nichola was last, summing up our argument and providing rebuttals to the other team to argue our point.  

Throughout the debate, Elizabeth was our “silent” fourth member who wrote arguments for us and assisted us to react to the other team’s argument.  

Unfortunately, we were bested, with the other team victorious. However, it was a fun debate, and we learnt lots about public speaking and presenting an argument.  

Our next debate is scheduled against Newcastle Grammar B, with the date to be confirmed. Wish us luck!  

Written by Penny Tassicker, Student 

Pictured: Penny, Nichola, Elizabeth and Isabel after their debate