The focus for Year 7 students in Global Connections this term has been ‘Active Citizens’. So far this term, students have learnt about: 

  • Australian Diversity – particularly cultural and religious.  
  • Australian Values – freedom, respect, responsibility, compassion, equality, inclusion, and a fair go. We have looked at how living out these common values are like the glue that holds diversity together in Australia. (e.g., It doesn’t matter what your background is – we can all live out the values).  
  • Citizenship – students have looked at some examples of Australian of the Year Award recipients, thinking about them as role models for living out Australian values.  
  • How To Be an Active Citizen – small and large ways that citizens can get involved in Australian society to make a positive change.  
  • Get informed and keep up to date with current affairs by watching the news and reading local, state, and national newspapers.  
  • Discussing issues with your family, friends, and neighbours. 
  • Joining community groups. 
  • Participating in local events like fundraisers or working bees.  
  • Volunteering to help those in need.  
  • Being courteous and considerate of others in society.  
  • Recycling and maintaining a safe and clean environment. 
  • Joining social justice groups. 
  • Becoming a member of a political party. 
  • Speaking out against injustice and about issues in society. 
  • Joining demonstrations and signing petitions.  
  • Researching and understanding how Australia’s political system functions.  
  • Understanding your rights and responsibilities in our democracy.  
  • Voting in local, state, and federal elections if you are aged over eighteen.   

On Thursday 16 March at our Year Level Assembly, Mr Roger Jaensch addressed students about how they can make a positive difference in their local communities and how to make their voices heard. Thank you, Mr Jaensch, for your inspirational message. 

Mrs Carolyn Winchcombe  

Middle Years Learning Area Leader: Global Connections