Year 7 English Poetry Object Competition

30 July 2020, 10:58AM

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What do guitar strings, dream catchers, dirt bikes and Ned Kelly’s armour have in common?  

These are just some of the many treasured, curious, every day, extraordinary, interplanetary, or talismanic objects that inspired our Year 7s to write some remarkable poems at the end of last term. 

“A gentle hum fills the air, the sound so soft, so pure so bare…….” 

 “Beads twinkle with the night breeze, under cosy covers there are no bad dreams….” 

 “WHAAAA    Motorbikes mumbling making a noise motoring along doing tricks to impress the crowd…… 

 “Clip Clop Clink Clunk, deep breathing, musky smell, riding on horseback….. 

 (Opening lines from poems written by Ella, Abby, Bradley, and Georgia). 

In between inspiration and final product, there was a vast amount of contemplation, experimentation and (of course) education. Vision Boards allowed students a creative space to brainstorm both visually and textually. Instruction in poetic devices such as imagery, onomatopoeia, and alliteration became a catalyst for new imaginings. Before they knew it, students were composing stanzas and using line breaks and white space like poetic geniuses. 

Vision Boards by Lachlan and Briana 

The poems themselves were not content just to collect cyber-dust in the submission folders on MEL. They are now fulfilling their poetic destinies, being read and mused over daily by hundreds of eager eyes in the Chanel Atrium.  

Enjoy these Poetry Presentations by Iesa, Isobel, and Elizabeth by clicking on their photos.  

Now, our poems are being weighed and measured by a new audience of judges in Red Room Poetry’s annual Poetry Object Competition (Australasia’s largest free poetry writing competition for young people and their teachers). Wish us luck and good fortune as we eagerly await news of 2020’s poetic champions.  

In the meantime, ask your Year 7 student about their poem. Find out what special object inspired them, and what prompted them to explore its hidden meaning. You’ll be amazed. 

Mrs Carolyn Winchcombe 

Year 7 Coordinator 

Middle Years Learning Area Leader (English/HASS)