On Thursday, 4 February and Friday, 5 February, all Year 7 students participated in a Laptop Bootcamp in the Chanel Centre. Regular timetabled lessons were cancelled, allowing students to devote their entire focus on learning how to operate their new machines more effectively.  

At the end of each session, students completed an “Exit Ticket Survey” that asked for feedback on the session and allowed students a chance to reflect on what they had learnt. They were also given a chance to ask any questions they still might have from the session.  

Over the two days of Laptop Bootcamp, students participated in six session and learnt about the following: 

  • Digital File Management with Ms Karina Lemon. Conor Kelly (7D): How to save work and organise your desktop and documents and a lot more. I definitely found this session helpful. 
  • Navigating and Using MEL with Ms Vanessa Wright. Angus Krisenthal (7F): How to use the calendar and how to check work and notifications and how to submit work on MEL. We also learnt how to access the library. 
  • Using Microsoft Word with Mrs Carolyn Winchcombe. Layla McCarthy (7A): The features of Word and how to access them using shortcuts and how to make your work look more eye catching and interesting. 
  • Email Communication with Mrs Jen Dent. Milana Harnett (7E): I learnt how to create folders and place emails in them. I also learnt email etiquette and writing a proper email. We also learnt about how to make an email signature. 
  • Chrome and Internet Searches with Mrs Catherine Woodberry. Anastasia Smedley (7A): I found the advanced search option very helpful and the “Ctrl F” for searching key words was also something I wasn’t aware of. 
  • Creating Posters on Canva with Ms Shauna Laird. Amira McClaren (7B): I learnt how to make a poster on Canva, how to print something that I’ve downloaded and where the printer is in the Chanel Centre. 

A big thank you to all staff involved in planning and running this Bootcamp experience. 

Mrs Carolyn Winchcombe 

Middle Years Learning Area Leader: Global Connections