In Global Connections this term, Year 8 students have been reading the novel “Young Samurai: Way of the Warrior” by British author, Chris Bradford.  

Despite it being midnight (UK time), Chris Bradford conducted a virtual author visit with all Year 8 students on Tuesday 7 June. 

Please read the following selection of recounts and letters of thanks by Year 8 students about their experience.  

Mrs Carolyn Winchcombe

Learning Area Leader – Middle Years Global Connections


Snippets from Student Recounts of the Experience 

“On the 7th of June 2022, the Year 8s had a zoom call meeting with Chris Bradford, the author of the class novel. We are currently reading ‘The Way of The Warrior’ during class and we got the amazing opportunity to talk and meet with him online. The meeting was held in 3 different classrooms in the McAuley Centre during period 1 and 2. Chris Bradford was screened up on all 3 classrooms in a zoom meeting, enabling the students to be able to see and interact with him. The meeting went great for the Year 8 students who handled the online aspect very well.” An excerpt from a recount by Abbie P. 

“Today, we had an amazing experience from the author of “Young Samurai”, Chris Bradford. He was very inclusive as we answered questions about the prologue to tell if we were a black belt samurai. Then we learnt some easy fighting techniques. At the end, we asked him some questions about his books, and he showed us a trailer of his new book. We had a wonderful time and greatly appreciate him sharing his thoughts about the book.” By Riley E. 

“Chris Bradford told us the struggles and how he overcame them when writing the books. He showed us that anyone can become a samurai.” An excerpt from a recount by Caitlin D. 

“The question I found the most interesting was, ‘How do you deal with writer’s block?’ Chris had three answers for us; one was to go on a run or walk, which would empty his mind so he could focus on one idea. His second option was to have a chocolate chip cookie and a small coke can, to get his brain energized again. Lastly, he would have his hypnotist drag the ideas out of his subconscious into his conscious. Overall, it was a very fun time, and we all learnt a lot about Chris Bradford’s inspiration for writing his book, Young Samurai.” An excerpt from a recount by Ella L. 

“Meeting the author of a novel that you are reading is a terrific opportunity, and as readers of Chris Bradford’s novels this is going to be an unforgettable day of the year.”  An excerpt from a recount by Danara R. 


Letters of Thanks to Chris Bradford from Students 

To Chris Bradford (author of the Young Samurai series). 

I would like to thank you for your virtual visit today and for staying up until 1am to educate us more about your different series. My favourite part about this virtual visit today was you showing us your sword collection. I also enjoyed the trailer for the new series. You are very talented. Keep doing what you’re doing.  

From Jayden Y. 

To Chris Bradford,  

Thank you for talking about your novel to us. It was very informative and gave us a better understanding of the storyline of the novel. It was an enjoyable experience to learn a samurai move. Thank you.  

From Eve T. 

Dear Chris Bradford,  

Thanks, heaps, for your time today and for answering all our questions to boost our knowledge of the samurai. Thanks for telling me about your story. We really appreciate it.  

From Charlie C.